The Most Common Heavy Equipment for Farming

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Mechanization has taken over various farm operations, and farmers are always on the market looking for implements to buy. There are thousands of farming equipment available, and they come with different features. Check out some of them below, and whenever you need to ship them, get in touch with Tractor Transport for high-quality farm equipment shipping services.

Common Heavy Farming Equipment Used by Farmers

  • Field Cultivators

To become a successful farmer, consider getting a field cultivator because it is crucial when preparing your farm for planting, regardless of the crop. It makes your soil softer, to allow for easier penetration of water as well as nutrients. They also eliminate the weeds, which can ruin your crop and lead to massive losses. With it, whatever you plant will take lesser time to germinate. There are different brands of field cultivators, and they come with various features and sizes. Get one which is ideal for your farm, and whether you are doing small-scale or large scale farming. To safely transport field excavators, hire Tractor Transport Shipping Company and experience the difference

Balers are among the most common pieces of farm equipment. They are designed for cutting straw and hay, and they are also efficient when it comes to raking as well as binding bales and making them easier for shipping and storage. There are different types of balers, including round and rectangular balers. When buying yours, you have to put the bales you want to produce into consideration. Also, to safely and timely ship your balers to your farm, you need the shipping services of experienced farm equipment transporting company. Highly trained and skilled transport team and state-of-the-art shipping trucks are some of the factors that make Tractor Transport your number one option.

This is another heavy farming tool that farmers hire Tractor Transport to ship. It is built for weeding and earthmoving purposes. It comes with a sharp blade that cuts the removed weeds into small pieces and buries them deep into the soil. After a while, they decay and become green manure that helps your drops to grow faster and healthier. A wheel tractor scraper is faster and better for weeding, especially for large-scale farmers.

After cultivating your farm, you will have to plant your crops or seeds as soon as possible. It can be pretty tiresome to do it manually, plus you may take a lot of time. That is where planters and seeders come in handy. They are built for planting crops and sowing the seeds, respectively. With them, you can complete a large piece of land within hours. Tractor Transport can ship one or many of them at an affordable rate on any day of the week.

Harvesters are made for harvesting different crops. For instance, a bean harvester is suitable for harvesting beans. Others include carrot, combine grain, forage, and grape as well as corn harvesters. Different harvester brands exist, and they do not come with similar features. Tractor Transport has many quality trailers that are efficient in shipping different harvesters. Our drivers have a lot of experience in handling them. Hence you are assured of safe delivery.

  • Grinder-Mixers

A grinder-mixer is common among livestock farmers. It is a specific type of portable mill designed to perform mixing and grinding operations. It produces livestock feeds from grains and allows it to be more digestible. Additionally, the feed can have healthier ingredients after mixing.

  • Mechanical Tree Shakers

A mechanical tree shaker is a piece of farm machinery that has a hydraulic cylinder for squeezing a tree. It is ideal for harvesting different types of fruit trees. Depending on the fruits that you are harvesting, choose tree shakers that are efficient and can maximally reduce harvest damage. After the harvesting is completed, there should be a selection process to pick the quality fruits. Mechanical tree shakers are great because they reduce the cost of harvesting, plus they accelerate the procedure, allowing it to take the least time possible.

Choosing the Best Heavy Equipment for Farming

Selecting the most suitable heavy equipment for your farm can be challenging. New technologies are emerging daily, and this means that there are various implements available on the market. If you are having a hard time making the right pick, here are a few factors that you can put into consideration:

  • Your Farming Needs

The piece of farming equipment you get should always meet your needs. They may vary depending on what you want to do. For instance, will you be keeping livestock or working on your land? If you are heading animals, what type are they, and what do they need? You also have to put into account the number of animals you have, or the size of your land. If you are not sure about what best suits your farming needs, contact an expert before spending your money on a farm implement that you may never use.

  • Reliable Farming Equipment Brand

After you have decided on the piece of the heavy equipment you are going to buy, pick a quality brand. There are different ones available, and their quality varies. Therefore, conduct some research so that you can land the best and most reliable one. You should also think about the price that they have set for their implements. Is it affordable? If not, you should go for one whose rates fit in your budget. Also, seek the shipping services of the most reputable transporting company. At Tractor Transport, we are committed to providing reliable and dependable farm equipment shipping services in the United States and across Canada and Mexico.

  • Used vs. New Farm Equipment

The market is full of both new and old farm implements. The one you buy will depend on the amount of money you have and your tastes. Buying new equipment is beneficial because it is less likely to break down, and if it does, you can always take advantage of the warranty. It might be expensive, but it guarantees efficiency and more productivity. Used farming tools, on the other hand, come with several benefits, which include affordability. Even so, it is easy to get duped, especially if you buy them from untrustworthy people.

  • Local Regulations

Different farming tools require different levels of training, and for some, you may not be allowed to operate them if you have no experience. For instance, you have to consult your local regulations to know what you need to own and operate a tractor on your farm. A regulation that applies in one state in the United States may not be relevant in another. Therefore, make sure that you are conversant with those in your area or state.

Benefits of Tractor Transport's Heavy Farm Equipment Shipping Services

  • We are fast
  • Our rates are affordable
  • We provide contingency insurance
  • We are available every day
  • We have the most trained, competent and experienced drivers
  • We serve all the 50 states in the nation
  • We allow all our clients to track their cargo while it is in transit

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