The Best Trailers for Hauling Tractors

2013 John Deere 6105D Tractor loaded for transport
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Though not necessarily illegal, driving your tractor on the road is slow and sometimes dangerous. That’s why farmers and agriculturalists use trailers for tractor transport. You can safely ship agricultural machinery, oversized tractors, and other large vehicles with the right trailer. Below, you will learn about the best trailers for tractor hauling and how to choose one for your needs.

How to Choose The Best Trailer For Tractor Hauling

The trailer you choose for tractor shipping will depend on a few factors. First, you need to know the dimensions of your vehicle. The tractor’s weight cannot exceed the trailer’s load capacity. Oversized tractors will require wider trailers that are lower to the ground. You should also ensure the trailer has enough axles to support the enormous weight. Plus, trailers need to be sturdy enough if you will be driving over rough roads.
Tractor shipping companies have a variety of trailers and trucks available that can carry all types of farm equipment. They can help you find the best trailer for hauling your tractor. You will find permits, road regulations, and safe tractor shipping information.

2013 John Deere 6105D Tractor loaded for transport

Transporting a Tractor With an RGN Trailer

RGN trailers are called removable gooseneck trailers because they have a detachable front. The front, known as the gooseneck, attaches to the bed of a truck instead of the bumper. This makes it more stable and more accessible to drive and maneuver. After the gooseneck, the trailer has a drop deck and a step-up over the axle.

With the front detached, the trailer becomes a ramp. You can directly drive your tractor onto the deck, which is tied down and secured. The low ramp allows easy loading with a forklift if you have non-driveable vehicles and other cargo. Because of the low deck, you can carry taller tractors without acquiring permits for height restrictions.

The deck of a stretch RGN trailer can expand to 61 feet, making the trailer a total of 74 feet. RGNs can accommodate multiple axles to support heavier and larger loads. Oversize tractors, combines, harvesters, sprayers, and other bulky equipment are commonly transported with gooseneck trailers. Talk to your tractor transport expert to learn more about the unique features of RGN trailers.

Shipping a Tractor With a Lowboy Trailer

Another popular trailer transport option for tractors is lowboy trailers. As the name implies, lowboy trailers lie close to the ground. Thus, RGNs are a type of lowboy trailer, though not all RGNs are classified as such. Lowboys generally do not have a detachable gooseneck. They also do not lie as low to the ground and are not as long as removable gooseneck trailers.

The deck length of a lowboy is 24 to 29 feet, while in a standard RGN, the length is 29 feet. Lowboy trailers can carry a maximum of 40,000 pounds, which can be increased to 80,000 with additional axles. A standard RGN has a weight limit of 42,000 pounds. Both trailers have a maximum legal width of 8.5 feet and a maximum height of 11 to 12 feet.

Lowboy trailers are lightweight because of the fixed neck, allowing you to carry heavier loads. It allows for side and back-loading but may require loading equipment. The low deck can carry oversize and over-height tractors and machinery by providing enough clearance under low bridges and powerlines.

The Best Trailer Transport Option

Choosing the right trailer for your tractor is essential to ensure the safety of your equipment. Lowboy and RGN trailers are perfect for transporting heavy and oversize machinery like tractors and other agricultural implements. Lowboys can carry equipment weighing up to 80,000 pounds and are less costly than RGN trailers.

Removable gooseneck trailers are easier to load and unload. They can have up to 20 axles and carry loads of up to 150,000 pounds. However, their detachable and extendable features make them more expensive than lowboys.

Contact our team at Tractor Transport for more information on choosing the best trailer transport option for your tractor. Our friendly experts will also give you a free tractor shipping estimate and any other information you need.