A lowboy is one of the lowest trailers to the ground, as its name suggests. Many heavy hauling tasks are carried out with the help of the lowboy trailer because of its use for extremely large, heavy, and oversized or over-dimension equipment.

Tractor Transport utilizes lowboy trailers to haul oversize loads. Often, the farm equipment is extremely tall, and transporting with a lowboy trailer allows easier access and clearance for bridges and toll booths. Anything from tractors to combines to cotton pickers and more can be transported on a lowboy trailer. Find out more now! (877) 373-0109


Typically when you see a sign that says "Oversize Load" on the interstate, the cargo being hauled is done so with a lowboy trailer. Many shippers use lowboy models as their top choice for these jobs due to their capacity to carry extremely heavy weights of cargo, and their stability as the lowest, off-the-ground option.

Tractor Transport typically recommends lowboy trailers for the largest tractors and equipment due to their advanced hauling capacity. In many cases, a permit may be required when using the lowboy to carry equipment that exceeds a regulated width. Tractor Transport's team of knowledgeable field experts are qualified to recommend these trailers when necessary and navigate the ensuing permit process.

How Does Tractor Transport Handle Lowboy Tractor Shipping?

As part of our full-service shipping partnership, Tractor Transport aims to take every part of the process off of our customers' hands. This includes 24/7 customer service, free cancellations, and door-to-door shipping.

Our experience in the industry has made us the expert in tractor shipping, including frequent shipping lanes, and the regulatory navigation required of over-sized and over-dimension cargo loads.

Contact our office to find out more about how Tractor Transport can use our fleet of lowboy trailers to expertly move one or more tractors across the country for you.

Each of these options offer different possibilities for cargo, so lowboy shipping is very versatile. There are also several different types of suspension from which to choose on lowboy models, offering an additional variety of options.

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