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Shipping Farming and Agricultural Vehicles, Equipment, and Supplies with Tractor Transport

Your free, no obligation quote starts with a call to (877) 373-0109. The Tractor Transport logistics specialists will plan your route, taking into account how many items need to be moved and the best roads to get from start to finish. We handle all the paperwork for weigh stations, permits, customs, and anything else that your shipment will need. Your timeline is taken into account, as we understand the moving quickly is important. Once we reach your destination, you check your inventory against the list. We can help with unloading and reassembly where needed.

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Tractor Transport Can Move Complete Farming & Agricultural Set-ups

From tractors to grain elevators, Tractor Transport helps you get your machinery in place before the busy seasons start. We understand that time is money, and you can't afford to miss opportunities while your equipment is in transit. Tractor Transport has successfully shipped hundreds of pieces of complicated agricultural equipment, working only with reliable haulers. Our shipping equipment can range from covered trucks for delicate pieces to standard flatbeds for most tractors. For the larger, multi-row field equipment, there are twenty axle HD trailers for the largest pieces, including grapple rakes and transplanters. Each one is thoroughly inspected, certified for the appropriate weight load, and fully bonded and insured.

Scissor lift shipping load


Transporting Agricultural Equipment

Agricultural and farming equipment covers a wide span of machinery. Tractor Transport moves everything from row furrowing equipment to harvesting gear.

Common Farming Tillage Equipment We Transport:

  • Heavy-duty Flex-tiller and plains plows

  • PW-100 Series three-in-one plows consisting of a semi-rotating plow on the front and a rear-mounted reversible plow

  • Ultra-Chisel™ to churn and remove the top 8 inches of soil

  • Great Plains Ultra-Disk, a hybrid for digging rows and clearing topsoil

  • Lister Cultivator and Hipper Bedde

  • Disc-O-Vator for single-pass disking, cultivating, harrowing, and herbicide placement

  • Field Cultivator with Max-Mix™ shank pattern and rear finishing attachments

  • Heavy-duty Flex-tiller and plains plows

Planting and Harvesting Equipment We Commonly Move:

  • John Deere Drawn Planters, including the ExactEmerge, MaxEmerge 5e, and MaxEmerge 5

  • Integral Planers for larger central commodity systems like the John Deere 1725, 1725 CCS Stack-Fold, and 1705 Twin Row

  • DB Planters including the John Deere DB60 24Row Split 47 or 48 and DB80 48Row20

  • Kinze 840 grain cart

  • Horsch PS4015

  • Caterpillar Gleaner 425

  • Massey Ferguson MF 1309

Unusual Farming Equipment Shipping

Tractor Transport can also move small crop planes and agricultural helicopters used in many farming operations. Our services help you move flying used for aerial spraying and livestock herd management. We carefully secure any moving parts and plan the route to avoid congested roads and tight spaces. Tractor Transport can even move your farming helicopter and plane along canals or rivers, to reach every part of your land

Tractor Transport Offers an Extensive Range of Trailer Choices To Haul Your Air Seeders:


Our most versatile and commonly used trailer by far is the standard flatbed trailer, made evident by the sheer number of them on the road every day. A great aspect of flatbed trailer shipping is the stability of the bed and the fact that these common carriers come in a wide variety of sizes and dimensions. A flatbed trailer, as the name suggests, is marked by a flat trailer surface that's able to be loaded with stability by balancing and securing cargo on the outside edges of the trailer.

Flatbed Trailer Specifications:
Max Weight: 48,000 pounds
Max Length 53 ft.
Max Width 8.5 ft.
Max Height 8.5 ft.


RGN Trailer Specifications:
Max Weight: 42,000+ pounds
Main Deck Length 29 ft.
Well Width 8.5 ft.
Legal Height Limit 11.6 ft.

The Removable Gooseneck (RGN) trailer has a detachable front end that turns the trailer into a ramp. Past the detachable section of the trailer, RGNs are equipped with a double drop formation that lends the payload an extra amount of height, usually around 12 extra inches. The variable nature of the RGN trailer allows it to accommodate cargo that is more difficult for less flexible trailers. Referred to as a "detach", the RGN is ideal for transporting less than standard cargo, equipment that is longer, taller, or otherwise a non-normal size.


Similar to the standard Removable Gooseneck Trailer, the extended RGN has an added section for additional length and capacity for particularly tricky transport jobs. When cargo is too long for the standard Removable Gooseneck (RGN), we sometimes employ the extended RGN. Like the standard RGN, the back portion of the stretch RGN is removable, creating a convenient ramp. The extended RGN has a versatile extension feature that allows it to meet an increased number of length requirements for cargo.

Extended RGN Trailer Specifications:
Max Weight: 150,000+ pounds
Main Deck Length 29 ft. - 65 ft.
Well Width 8.5 ft.
Legal Height Limit 11.6 ft.


Drop Deck Trailer Specifications:
Max Weight: 48,000 pounds
Max Length 53 ft.
Max Width 8.5 ft.
Max Height 11 ft.

A drop deck, or "step deck" trailer resembles a standard flatbed model with a single drop in order to give the trailer the capacity for more cargo height. This is especially advantageous when the payload exceeds the standard height requirements for a regular flatbed. This is especially advantageous when the payload exceeds the standard height requirements for a regular flatbed. For especially large or oddly sized pieces of equipment, the drop deck trailers present a uniquely ideal solution; tractors, farming combines and large construction and industrial equipment.


When a job necessitates a trailer that can carry an irregularly long piece of equipment or cargo, we employ the extended drop deck trailer. Like a flatbed with either a single or a double attached gooseneck, the extended drop deck gives the user capacity for additional height and length to meet the needs of a specific cargo load. Typically, the extended RGN is more flexible than the standard RGN, so it's only used when absolutely necessary.

Extended Drop Deck Trailer Specifications:
Max Weight: 45,000 pounds
Max Length 63 ft.
Max Width 8.5 ft.
Max Height 10 ft.


Lowboy Trailer Specifications:
Max Weight: 40,000 pounds
Max Length 24 ft.
Max Width 8.5 ft.
Max Height 14 ft.

A lowboy is one of the lowest trailers to the ground, as its name suggests. Many heavy hauling tasks are carried out with the help of the lowboy trailer because of its use for extremely large, heavy, and oversized or over-dimension equipment. Typically when you see a sign that says "Oversize Load" on the interstate, the cargo being hauled is done so with a lowboy trailer. Many shippers use lowboy models as their top choice for these jobs due to their capacity to carry extremely heavy weights of cargo, and their stability as the lowest, off-the-ground option.

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Difficult Terrain Farming Equipment Moves

Moving into planted or undeveloped rural locations can be challenging. Many larger farms have small access roads that are dirt or gravel – and even paved roads may not be in the best condition. The experienced drivers from Tractor Transport have plenty of training navigating heavy loads across rough terrain, even in the frigid areas of Alaska and Canada. Our careful planning includes plotting the best rigs and trailers to access your location while keeping an eye on the weather and road conditions.

Farming Irrigation Equipment We Move:

Tractor Transport can also help move and relocate farming irrigation equipment, including pumps to source groundwater in each area and heavy-duty hoses and specialized gear to get water fast where you need it. Our transport services also include covered transport for engines, to protect the sensitive parts. We've moved everything from pressure regulator and Capristo pumps to irrometers, canon irrigation, cam-lock, and Berkeley pumps. We can even move backhoes and excavating equipment for installing irrigation and pipes to new fields.

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Tractor Transport makes it easy to ship farm equipment. Our team of specialists are trained, experienced, and ready to move your machinery. We provide you with a free farm equipment shipping estimate, along with all the details you need for transport. Your dedicated agent is available from the first phone call until your machinery is safely delivered. Let's get started.