The Top Wood Chipper Brands

Wood chipper hauled on a flatbed trailer.
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Also known as tree chippers, wood chippers are common devices among farmers as they help them cut wood into smaller wood chips. So, if you are looking to clear wood stress-free, invest in a top-quality wood chipper. Whether buying a wood chipper for the first time or upgrading an old one, there are several top wood chipper brands to choose from.

Wood chipper hauled on a flatbed trailer.

The Top 5 Wood Chipper Manufacturers

Timberwolf Commercial Chippers

Timberwolf wood chippers are some of the common brands in the market. The company offers a range of towable chippers which cater to smaller farmers and operators. The chipper comes in both diesel and petrol variants.

Forst Wood Chippers

Forst offers a range of chippers for sale, including the ST line of towable wood chippers, TR track-driven tree chippers, and the STD line of wheeled chippers with diesel engines. If you are a small operator, the Forst ST6P provides a lightweight and compact option, while ST8D chippers are convenient for over 8 inches of chipping capacity.

Forst TR8 is a heavy-duty tracked chipper specially built for commercial tree removal as it has a much bigger capacity, mobility, and power.

Heizohack Wood Chippers

If you are in the market for a wood chipper that offers efficiency and productivity at an affordable cost, then Heizohack is the best option. These wood chipper models include self-feeding and hand-fed machines that offer exceptional tree-chipping solutions to farmers.

These chippers have impeccable capacity. They can handle trees and trunks up to 80cm, making them efficient for commercial tree removal companies.

Bandit Industrial Wood Chippers

Bandit wood chippers have incredible designs, including powerful hydraulic drives, easy maintenance access, minimal electronics, and slide-box feed systems that make these chippers extraordinary. Bandit added the best heavy-duty wood chipper models in the market, including Bandit 4680T Beast Recycler, Intimidator 12XP, and Intimidator 18XP.

TP Wood Chippers

TP is among the best wood chippers, with over 35 years of manufacturing high-performance tree-chipping equipment. TP wood chippers are touted for their top-quality materials. They come in different models, including tracked chippers, mobile chippers, PTO chippers, and crane-assisted chippers.

Other Wood Chipper Manufacturers

Other best wood chipper brands include:

  • Schliesing
  • Greenmech
  • Jenson
  • Mus-Max
  • Farmi
  • Morbank
  • Eliet
Wood chipper shipped on a flatbed trailer.

How to Safely Ship Wood Chippers

The best and safest way to ship your wood chipper is to hire a reputable wood chipper shipping company. Shipping wood chippers requires adequate planning to ensure a hassle-free process. Here are key things to do before shipping your wood chipper:

  • Wash your wood chipper and assess its condition before it is shipped.
  • Remove any personal items from the wood chipper before it’s transported.
  • Prepare the right documents, such as the chipper’s bill of sale or title, and other verification documents.
  • Perform routine maintenance tasks, including checking for leaks, inspecting tires, and charging the battery.
  • Empty the gas tank if your chipper uses gasoline, as it increases the weight of your wood chipper.

How to Find the Most Reputable Chipper Shipping Company

With so many heavy equipment shipping companies in the market, finding the most suitable company can be overwhelming. Here are key factors to help you pick the best shipping company for your wood chipper.

Good Reputation

It is important always to check what other people say about the company you are considering hiring. You can check its service reviews on its websites and third-party sites. Companies that offer top-quality services have positive reviews.

Wood Chipper Shipping Company Experience

While experience is not a guarantee of quality services, experienced Chipper shippers are more likely to have handled your type of equipment before than inexperienced ones. As such, they understand better how to handle challenges that arise during shipping.

Good Customer Service

Besides choosing a company with experience and expertise, consider one with dedicated customer support. You need to get real-time updates on your equipment when in transit, so you need a shipping company you can easily reach through different channels like phone, email, and social media.

Expertise and Resources

Shipping a wood chipper can be complex, so you need to consider a company with the expertise and equipment to ship a wood chipper. A reliable company has an extensive range of trailer choices, including flatbed, RGN, extended RGN, drop deck, and others to handle any size and model of a wood chipper.

When buying wood chipper, it is good to choose from the top brands in the market to get the best option. However, whether you have bought a new chipper, a second-hand or want to move it to another location, choosing a company that offers incredible farm equipment shipping services will go a long way. You should also consider the credibility of the company and its experience in shipping wood chippers.

Wood chipper transported on a flatbed trailer.