The Top 10 Most Used Farm Equipment

Hitachi ZW150-6 Wheel Loader loaded for transport on a lowboy trailer
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New farmers looking for farm equipment may need help with the various options. Agricultural implements range from small, hand-held tools to large, oversize farm equipment. While small farms do not require the technologically advanced machines of industrial operations, they still need a few essentials to help run the business.

Moreover, a dairy farm may need equipment different from a vegetable or poultry farm. Below is a list of the ten most common farm tools and why you might need them. You will also find information on farm equipment shipping.

Hitachi ZW150-6 Wheel Loader loaded for transport on a lowboy trailer

The Most Commonly Used Farm Machinery Types

1. Tractors

The most common and widely-known farming tool is the tractor. With numerous attachments available, tractors can perform almost any job. From pulling wagons, plows, mowers, and balers to lifting buckets, tractors are a must-have on any farm.

Compact utility tractors are smaller than traditional tractors but have enough power to do most tasks on a small farm. You will need specialized farm equipment hauling for transporting large tractors.

2. ATVs and UTVs

Farmers get all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and utility vehicles (UTVs) for their practicality and various uses. These small vehicles can drive on terrain where larger vehicles can’t go. You can carry cargo and tools and fit them with small attachments like trailers and spreaders.

3. Harvesters

Combine harvesters are among the most widely used oversized farm equipment. These large machines can harvest various crops, including rice, wheat, oats, corn, and barley. They contain a complex series of blades, wheels, belts, and gears.

Some high-tech harvesters also collect and track crop data and provide information on areas that require improvement. Combine harvesters are so large that they usually need professional farm equipment hauling to move them from one place to another.

4. Livestock Trailer

Animal farmers will need a livestock trailer to transport their animals safely. You can carry tools, equipment, and other stuff in the trailer when you are not moving your animals.

5. Plows

Plowing is essential in planting as it prepares the soil for seeding by loosening the ground and killing off vegetation. Plows are tractor attachments that drag behind a tractor and come in three basic types: moldboard, disc, and chisel plows.

Moldboard plows have wing-shaped blades for thorough soil turning. Farmers may use disc plows with metal disks for sticky and rocky soil. Lastly, chisel plows can dig to a depth of a foot or more with their long shanks.

6. Harrows

After plowing, you may need a harrow to break up the lumps of soil and provide a smooth surface for planting. Harrows are tractor attachments that can also spread manure and fertilizer. You can find disc, spring, roller, and chain harrows.

7. Seeders

You need a seeder if you need to plant large swaths of land. Seeders range from mechanical models to tractor-drawn attachments. You can choose between different types of seeders depending on the crop and area of land that needs seeding.

8. Fertilizer Spreaders

A fertilizer spreader is another machine that makes your work easier and faster. It spreads fertilizer and seeds and comes as standalone oversize farm equipment or a tractor/ATV attachment. Contact your farm equipment hauling company when you need to transport large spreaders.

9. Wagons and Trailers

No matter what your agricultural business is, you will need a wagon or trailer. There is a trailer whether you need to transport your harvest, equipment, or animal feed. Trailers come in various sizes, from small wagons you can attach to your UTV to large tractor-trailers.

10. Mower

Last but not least are mowers. You can use them to cut grass and hay or harvest crops. They are available in different varieties depending on your needs. Push-behind mowers, rotary mowers, brush mowers, and mower attachments are just a few options.

Farm Equipment Shipping For All Types Of Machinery

A wide range of farming machinery is available to farmers and agricultural professionals. But because most of this equipment is oversized, you cannot transport them as quickly as other tools.
Whether you are selling or buying farm equipment, you will need an expert to help you transport your goods. Tractor Transport provides top-rated nationwide farm equipment shipping. Call us today to get your free estimate.