The Top 5 Tractor Manufacturers in The United States

John Deere tractor loaded for transport
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In 2023, US tractor manufacturers added almost 70 billion dollars to the United States’ GDP. That is an increase of over three billion from the previous year. What is rather astounding is that five tractor brands accounted for over 90% of that number.

While some newer entrants, such as CLAAS from Germany, have been making waves, mainly the names that go back for generations dominate the market. This should come as little surprise as these are the most recognizable names in the US, and American farmers have learned to trust them to get the job done daily, year after year.

While this is a sign of traditionalism in the agricultural industry, it should be noted that a large part of the market increase results from a move toward more eco-friendly and higher-tech farm equipment and tractors by US farmers.

The Top Tractor Manufacturers in The United States

American farmers may be the most practical group of people on the planet. For them, the proof is purely in the advantages that each brand brings to the table. Here are the top tractor manufacturers in The US based on their sales.

  1. John Deere- In business since 1837, John Deere is the largest tractor manufacturer in the world. It is also considered a cultural icon. According to a 2021 Progressive Farmer Reader Insights survey, it enjoys any brand’s highest customer loyalty rating. As they say, “Nothing runs like a Deere.”
  2. Kubota- Kubota is a Japanese firm importing tractors into the United States since 1972. The same Progressive farmer survey that named John Deere as having the highest customer loyalty rating awarded Kubota as the most durable.
  3. New Holland-  Founded in the Pennsylvania city that shares its name around 1895, New Holland is most known for offering well-designed, cost-effective equipment. This latter trait led to NH developing the world’s first fully methane-fueled power unit.
  4. Case IH- In 1842, in Racine, Wisconsin, Jerome Case founded the thrashing company that eventually gave birth to Case IH. Five years later, Cyrus McCormick founded International Harvester in Chicago. The two eventually merged through a series of happenstances and became the company we know today. It is best known for developing the Advanced Farming System (AFS).
  5. Massey Ferguson- Since 1957, Duluth, Georgia-based Massey Ferguson, and its triple-triangle logo have been best known for building lightweight tractors. Lighter weights mean lower fuel use, operating costs, and soil damage. Their flagship 8700 series weighs 4 tons less than its closest competitor.
Transporting a CASE IH tractor on a lowboy trailer

How To Choose The Best Tractor For Your Farm

Choosing the best tractor to suit your farm equipment transport needs is much more personal than many may realize. Every farm’s needs are slightly different, and farmer’s tastes vary widely. Depending on the size and complexity of your farm, your tractor is where you will be spending much time. So, it pays to choose carefully.

Here are some key points you’ll want to take into consideration:

Your Land

Is your land flat with soft soil? Is it hilly and covered in clay and rocks? Will you need a four-wheel drive tractor in the rainy season? Are you working a twenty-acre truck farm or a 2,000-acre farm? All these questions and more are considerations to take into account.


How you will use your tractor will significantly influence your choice. Plowing a corn field and broadcasting grass seeds are very different activities that require different attachments. Neither is the same as pulling stumps. Think about what you will be asking your tractor to do before deciding.


This requires little explanation, but remember that you generally get what you pay for.


The heart of any tractor is its powerplant. It is always better to have too much power compared to too little. Keep in mind, though, that as you increase the size of your tractor, you will also be increasing its price tag and operating costs.

Comfort and Safety

Just as with cars, tractors can vary widely in design and features. It is best to consider how your tractor is laid out before deciding.

Some factors to consider include:

  • The space between the pedals and fenders
  • Operator platform layout
  • Seat and steering wheel adjustment range
  • Good handhold positions
  • Visibility
John Deere tractor loaded for transport

How to Ship A Tractor With a Reputable Company

Once you have chosen and purchased your tractor, there is still one hurdle to overcome. That is bringing it home. For anything more than a lawn tractor, it is best to seek the help of professional equipment transport specialists.

Many rules and regulations can come into play when transporting tractors and other heavy equipment. That number increases significantly if you must cross state lines or utilize federal highways. Meeting standards can be expensive in terms of money, time, and liability.

tractor transport company will ensure that you meet all of these requirements and that your new toy arrives on time and in the condition that you expect.