Month: December 2023

Transporting a Claas 740TT Combine on a lowboy trailer
December 21, 2023 Kayla 0 Comments

Small to industrial-size farming requires heavy machinery and equipment that can be expensive to buy and ship. With high shipping costs that primarily come with logistical challenges and levies, it is difficult for farmers to maintain optimal operation expenses and make significant profits.

Asa Lift SP400 Veggie Harvester loaded for transport on a lowboy trailer
December 19, 2023 Kayla 0 Comments

Technological advancements keep surprising farmers with modern equipment each day. The demand for harvesting equipment is usually high during the harvesting months, summer and spring. Farmers may want to acquire the best threshers, balers, and other essential farm equipment, which offers numerous gains. They may be required to transport their farm equipment occasionally, and understanding how to do this right is vital.