The Role of Transport in Agriculture

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July 21, 2020 Natasha Post 0 Comments

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The Relationship Between Transport, Agriculture, and Economic Growth

For centuries, agriculture remains to be the backbone of the word’s economic development, with nearly 60% of the population depending on agriculture and related activities for survival. In the United States alone, agricultural-related industries contribute roughly $ 1 trillion to the county’s annual GDP. This, however, is just a drop in the ocean. When accounting for the industries that rely on agriculture such as hospitality (which accounts for nearly 10% of world’s GDP,) textile, fishing, beverages among others, you will realize agricultural is central to the economy. Notably, both agricultural and economic growth can be attributed to effective transportation services.

Undoubtedly, there exists a synergy between farm management and transportation. The growth of agriculture and related industries begins and ends with the efficiency in the transport sectors; road transport to be more specific. For farmers to produce on a large scale, they need a network of a shipping system that can accommodate large produce and raw materials safely, timely, and effectively. For instance, for large scale fishing to be actualized, there must be large refrigerated trailers that can safely haul and deliver thousands of fish to the market in good time. Just like any industry, professionalism takes a very important place when it comes to efficacy, efficiency, and dependable services. This is where expert heavy equipment truckers such as Tractor Transport comes in.

"The growth of agriculture and related industries begins and ends with the efficiency in the transport industry."

Heavy Hauling: A Direct Mechanism to Agricultural Expansion

As we have established the significance of agricultural activities to economic growth, we cannot overlook one singular factor that has immensely contributed to the growth in agriculture. This significant factor is road transportation. One of the roles of road transportation is linking the open countryside where farming takes place to the industrial regions where processing takes place and all the way to consumers and business people in the cities.

The importance of heavy hauling in the growth of agriculture cannot be under-emphasized. The safe, quick, and easily accessible oversize shipping services from framers to the market has facilitated large scale farming. Heavy hauling has also encouraged the intensive use of technology in agriculture. With class 7 and 8 heavy-duty tractors and specialized trailers, farmers can move sizeable agricultural machinery and equipment from one location to another. This, in turn, helps in scaling up farming and agriculture-related industries.

Terragator Transport

The Uniqueness of Road Transport in Agriculture

The accessibility and flexibility of road transport provide a relative advantage to agricultural growth compared to other modes of transportation. For example, the existence of a wide array of trucks ranging from class 1 light-duty trucks to class 8 heavy-duty trucks that can be matched with specialized trailers can provide quick, convenient, and flexible transportation solution for both short and long haul to farm produce. Also, the availability of road network that runs from cities to every corner of the open countryside enables truckers to pick and drop-off agricultural produce, raw materials, and agricultural machinery from villages and other rural regions to where they are needed whenever they are required.

It’s only road transport that can offer door-to-door shipping services. With road transport, towing and delivery of equipment from the community-to-community, village to village, or from port to anywhere they are needed is convenient, safe, and more often than not, the only available option. For this reason, professional shipping company such as Tractor Transport has invested heavily in modern heavy-duty trucks, specialized trailers, as well as highly skilled and experienced drivers in order to provide seamless, reliable, and safe transport solution from anywhere to anywhere in North America, Canada, and Canada.

Road Transportation: A Link to Other Modes of Transport

Besides being the most popular user freight in agriculture, road transport plays an important role in complementing and linking all other modes of transportation. The roads connect various villages, towns, and cities and also serves as a link to ports, railway stations, and airports. Standard trailers can promptly move a gross weight of 80, 000 lbs. each from farms to docks or airports where they can be shipped overseas.

The versatility and flexibility of modern trailers have also made road transport a perfect complementary to the rail transport system. Modern railcars and trains have a considerably large capacity but have limited access. On the other hand, road trucking capacity is limited to protect the integrity of roads or bridges. This creates the need for a network of heavy hauling trucks from various pickup to drop-off the farm produces on a railway station so that they can be shipped in a more substantial capacity over a very long distance. As seen, even other modes of transport cannot exist without road transport, and the demand for agricultural transportation will continue to take an upward trajectory base on the demand for agricultural products domestically and overseas.

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