Shipping a CASE 865B Motor Grader

Shipping a CASE 865B Motor Grader
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Tractor Transport has been engaged in heavy machinery transportation for over a decade now. Through this time our specialists have fully understood the make of the forestry, agricultural, mining and construction tractors. Our trusted expert and strategist James, was recently the mastermind behind the Case 865B Motor Grader transportation from Flagstaff, AZ 86004 to Silver City, NM 88062. Our client had entrusted us to deliver the construction tool to her ongoing construction site.

Quality Case 865B Motor Grader Transport Services

James began by identifying the location of the machine articulately. Tractor Transport ensures the chronological array of events equals a satisfactory experience for our clients. With the timeline of 12 hours, James handpicked a team of most experienced operatives. The processing of the Case 865B Motor Grader  tractor went on hastily but meticulously and precisely to ensure no delays with the authorities or compromise on our clients’ trust. 

Once the Case 865B Motor Grader tractor had been prepared, it was placed on a lowboy trailer which easily accommodated its size and weight. The team then set out on the road where our pilot vehicle driver made sure to inform the trailers’ driver via James on the traffic situation ahead. On more than one account the driver had to use alternative routes with key prowess to avoid the traffic jams. Once the tractor was near the point of delivery James called our clients and also supervised the last inspection on the tractor to ensure a good condition had been maintained. 

Shipping a CASE 865B Motor Grader

Delivering the Case 865B Motor Grader

Tractor Transport has over the years specialized in technological and mechanical strategies that ensure our clients demands are personally adhered to. Our operatives moreover have the clear bearing of even the remotest areas that lead to either forests or ranches. We are hence able to offer our clients satisfactory services like James recently did before engaging our clients on the service quality, which for factors such as timekeeping our client rendered superb. 

James Francis

Tractor Transport Specialist

James Francis

James is a senior logistics agent with NTS. He was one of the founding members of the mobile home division, which has grown into one of our biggest divisions. As a senior agent, James is also very versatile, handing construction and farm equipment as well. He’s also one of the go-to agents for US to Canada and back transports.