Shipping a 1989 International Harvester Tractor

1989 International Harvester Tractor loaded for transport
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Our loyal client in the recent past hired us to transport his harvester, the 1989 IH 584 Tractor to Mansfield, TN 38236. This was from South Burlington, VT 05403. Nick, an experienced handler and supervisor had the task bestowed on him due to his other similar successful endeavors. He therefore quickly knew that a flatbed trailer would do just fine in shipping the 1989 IH 584 tractor. 

1989 IH 584 Tractor Hauling

Just by a click of a button, our client had requested all our relevant resources as per his tractor to tirelessly see through to a successful process. James gathered a team of risk evaluators whom he planned the entire process closely with. A tractor is a complex machine and hence a clear array of how the process is expected to blossom is necessary. Our researchers also chipped in with the key piece of information on the safest and fastest routes to use.  

Tractor Transport has had its experts working day and night for the past ten years to come up with the most efficient tractor transport processes. As a result, the 1989 International Harvester tractor was on the road in no time. This was however after the tractor had been insured and the licenses obtained. We are an open book and hence all the queries from our client were answered in a detailed manner. The communication however developed the urgency while the team neared delivery to ensure our clients or their representatives were on sight for inspection.

1989 International Harvester Tractor loaded for shipping

1989 IH 584 Tractor Delivery

Tractor Transport has all the necessary tools for a successful tractor shipping experience. Our equipment is of finest quality but nonetheless not immune to human error. Our experts on the transit process with supervisors like James therefore keep a constant reminder on our operatives for utter care and more importantly regularly check on the tractor as well as the trailer. Through such ethical policies, we are rated best in tractor shipping within the nation for both long distance and short distance hauls.

Nick Howells

Tractor Transport Specialist

Nick Howells

Nick is a logistics agent who is always on top of the game. With thousands of completed transports under his belt, he’s always ready for the next challenge. His top priority is providing each client with a quality shipping experience. He’s available, day or night, for each of his clients.