Why Does Your Farm Equipment Transport Company Need to Be Licensed, Bonded, and Insured?

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Several factors go into choosing the right heavy hauling company to transport your farm equipment. Making the best requires a thorough consideration of the company’s expertise, reliability, and proper equipment to handle such load types. Most importantly, it is crucial to ensure that your prospecting farm equipment shipping partner is licensed, bonded is insured.

These three terms (licensed, bonded, and insured) are commonly used in the shipping industry. But what do they mean, and why should you only work with licensed, bonded, and insured heavy hauling companies?

What Does Being Licensed Mean To A Farm Equipment Transport Company?

Being licensed means that your shipping company has passed the minimum requirements of providing shipping services in that region. This includes enough training period, experience in the same field. A valid license will always hold the company accountable. That said, if you have any complaints, say, for example, your cargo was damaged, you can always go back to the company and air your grievances. Before engaging with your prospective company, ask for proof that they are licensed to ensure a smooth shipping process. Go for shipping companies such as Tractor Transport, who value their clients and always out them first. Such companies are always committed to serving you right and maintaining strong business relationships with them.

Shipping Case Farm Tractor

Insurance | A Farm Equipment Shipping Company

Trusting an uninsured heavy equipment shipping company to transport your farm equipment can be quite detrimental to you. You must investigate the safety records and measures of your prospective company before anything else. This is especially vital when you consider the value of the equipment being transported. You should therefore pay attention to how the company has handled various goods by exploring through previous clients’ remarks, feedback, and ratings. But anything can happen anytime during the shipping process leading to accidents that translate to severe injuries on the hauling experts or other road users.

This might also damage the shipping equipment and the farm equipment being transported, translating to severe losses. This is precisely why you should only partner with insured heavy equipment shipping companies when hauling your farm equipment. This means that you will not incur the losses in case of such unprecedented incidences. Besides taking precautionary measures, Tractor Transport is insured, which protects their valuable investments and their client’s assets.

Bonded | A Farm Equipment Hauling Company

Trucking companies, depending on their status and the hauling business they operate, are issued surety bonds. Surety bonds that the shipping company completes the hauling task as per the contract and at the agreed costs. Hiring a bonded company protects you from being a victim of fraud. Clients can be assured that the hauling process will be complete according to the mutual terms, failure to which they can make a claim on the bond to recover their losses. If you are looking for a smooth, safe, and hassle-free way to ship your farm equipment, Tractor Transport is your go-to shipping company. We are insured, licensed and bonded to protect our hauling team, investments, and clients’ assets.