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Not so long ago, most agricultural activities were labor-intensive. Most activities required so many farmworkers who had to put in a lot of time and effort to complete simple tasks. With advanced technologies, farmers are now spoilt with choice of different machines capable of significantly reducing the time needed to finish a task. With single machinery like a combined harvester, a single operator can now, in one day, complete the work that could have taken a 100 workers a hundred days to finish. With a couple of farm equipment, the many farming problems are longer problems thanks to the world’s best farm equipment manufacturers.

Agriculture has evolved to a large scale with the application of sophisticated machinery that has improved efficiency, farm management, and productivity.

Most agricultural equipment are extra huge as they are designed to complete more work in the shortest time possible. They are also designed for economic reasons; use the least amount of resources to take care of the largest portion of work. That’s why you will find machineries like a combines carrying out three processes at the same time; reaping, threshing, and winnowing. To maintain that economic aspect, a piece of single machinery can be used across many states and countries pending on the season and demand. For this reason, farmers depend on reputable and dependable shipping and trucking companies to transport their farm equipment from one location to another as the need arises. Tractor Transport is a top-of-the-line shipping company with a fleet of modern trailers and heavy-duty towing trucks ready to haul any piece of agricultural machinery any day of the week. Our hauling services are always a call away!

List of the Top Ten Farm Equipment Manufacturers and How to Transport Them

1. MTZ (Minsk Tractor Factory)

MTZ is a major supplier of quality tractors in Canada, the USA, Europe, as well as many small countries. The company has its headquarters in Belarus

2. New Holland

New Holland is among oldest farm equipment manufacturer best known for its durable and versatile tractors. Recently New Holland broke the record of manufacturing the largest combine in the world. In late 2017, the company once again revolutionized the agricultural industry by designing a methane-powered tractor that’s environmentally friendly and saves on fuel by 30 percent.

3. ASI

ASI is popular for focusing on the application of robotics and autonomous alternatives to meet the challenges that farmers encounter on a daily basis. The company’s most recent and notable work is the development of an autonomous tractor with an automatic steering system that guides the tractor between rows.


For the last six years, AGCO has spent over $20) millions in developing an ideal combine


Kuhn is an American agricultural equipment manufacturing company with a particular interest in producing mixers, spreaders, and tillage and hay parts. Kuhn prides in having a cutting0edge precision fertilizer spreader.

6. Oliver Farm Equipment Company

It’s an American company that has been manufacturing farm inputs since 1929.

7. John Deere

Deere & Company is the most popular, largest, and among the oldest agricultural equipment manufacturer. In 2017, the company was rated as the largest farm machinery producing company.

8. Alamo Group, Inc.

Alamo Group, Inc. has nine subsidiaries. The company is known for manufacturing tillage tools, cutting parts, tractor attachments, among other machinery brands.

9. Kubota

Kubota is a Japanese manufacturer of the famous M7002 series tractor. It’s major farm equipment are seeding, sowing, planting, and plowing attachments with a big market in Europe and America.


CLAAS is a Germany farm equipment manufacturer best known for mowers, combines, tractors, forage harvesters, among other large agricultural machines. CLASS is a world bestselling forage harvester manufacturer.


After purchasing a number of these farm equipment, you need an experienced and well equipped transporting company that can assure you of a safe and smooth hauling process. At Tractor Transport, we have all it takes to safely load, transport, and unload any size of machinery. We are trusted by thousands of clients to haul their agricultural equipment to any location.

The Future of Agriculture and Transportation of Agricultural Equipment and Products

Agriculture has moved from the use of primitive hand tools capable of small scale farming for personal consumption. This kind of farming did not require any form of transport. But Agriculture has shiftily evolved to a large scale with the application of sophisticated machinery that has improved efficiency, farm management, and productivity. Nowadays, agricultural produce is weighed in thousands of tones, which demands efficient transportation to the market. Also, the farm machineries are not road rated and has to be moved from one field to the next requiring readily available transportation services. As agriculture is gradually moving to the use of robots and intelligent machines for more and better production, the transport sector has to evolve at the same pace. Luckily, trucking and transportation companies like the Tractor Transport are always adding more carriers, handling equipment, and towing tractors so that they can continue to offer quality and efficient shipping services to meet the rising demand of shipping services in the agricultural sector.

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