How to Safely Secure a Tractor for Transport

Shipping a John Deere 317 Skid Steer
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Safety should be given a top spot when shipping any cargo. This keenness should be even double when transporting a bulky load like a tractor. By safely securing the tractor, we reduce the chances of causing human, material, or financial loss and damage to the tractor itself. Tractor Transport has a wide range of tractor handling and securing equipment to hold your tractor in place during transit. We understand that if the safety of the tractor is not taken seriously, the consequences are dire and irreversible.

Common Tractor Types We Ship

Farmers perform various agricultural operations. With advancements in technology, the necessary farming machinery and implements for each task have been developed, including the tractor. A tractor pulls heavy loads for different farming tasks such as planting, plowing, and tillage. There are several tractors to perform various farmers’ needs and demands. Below are some that Tractor Transport often ships:

Utility tractors; are used to perform farming operations such as plowing and pulling heavy implements. They easily add other equipment like harvesters and cutters.

Compact tractors; are used in fruit yards, vineyards, and nut yards.

Row crop tractors; used in farms where farmers plant crops in a row. They perform several tasks such as harrowing, pulling seed drills, and leveling.

Industrial tractors; are used in industries more than they are used in agriculture. They are primarily used to pull heavy loads, fit cranes, and easily lift heavyweights.

Shipping an International 260A Backhoe Tractor

Securing a Tractor for Safe Shipping

Each type of tractor has its own specific requirements to tie it down safely and ship. Nevertheless, there are general procedures that need to be followed across the board. Before attempting to secure your tractor, we always start by noting down the load rating of the trailer versus the weight of the tractor you want to ship. We do not want to force a tractor on a trailer that is too small or generally not meant for that kind of shipping, as that can lead to accidents or damage. Tractor Transport has a wide range of trailers with varying capacities to carry any tractor size or weight.

Tractor Transport Takes Care of All Tractor Transportation Logistics

Shipping huge machinery like a tractor requires a lot of paperwork which can be time-consuming to obtain and even confusing. Tractor Transport takes care of this, ensuring you get your tractor without delay. As shipping professionals who have been transporting tractors for years, we know exactly how and where to get the documents. We are constantly updating ourselves on any changes, and you can be sure we are on top of our game. Besides processing the necessary documents, we move the cargo from port to port, port to land, and any other form of shipping needed to get your tractor to wherever you want it. With our team on board, you can confidently carry on with your regular schedule as you wait for us to deliver.