How to Load a Silo for Seamless Shipping

Silo tank prepared for transport on a lowboy trailer
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A silo is usually used to store bulk materials such as various types of grain. It usually has a massive diameter and length, thus needs a lot of stability. Hauling a silo requires specialized equipment and a wonderful experience. Tractor Transport is well invested in shipping silos, and you can rely on us to help you. We have everything it takes to haul your silo with no hiccups. No matter the state, type, or size of your silo, you can trust us to transport it for you smoothly. We understand that your silo shipping needs are unique to you and will do everything in our capacity to meet them.

Proper Silo Loading for Quick Hauling and Delivery

Transporting large farm equipment like silos requires a great deal of expertise. Tractor Transport has a wealth of experience in hauling silos over both long and short distances. We have helped several farmers haul silos in and out of the nation for several years now. We can help you transport your silo from the US across the border to Mexico or Canada and into the country without you lifting a finger. All you need to do is call us and give us the necessary details. We employ everything required to haul your silo from flatbed semi-trailers to special boiler flatbed semi-trailers to transport any type or size of silo.

Silo tank prepared for transport on a lowboy trailer

Types of Silos We Transport

Tractor Transport hauls various types of silos from one location to another in either the US, Canada, or Mexico. The three common ones include bunker silos, bag silos, and tower silos.

Bunker silos; agricultural and large manufacturing industries use bunker silos to store a high quantity of materials. They are usually filled and packed with the help of tractors and loaders.

Bag silos; are used to store grains and fodder. They usually have a diameter of 2 to 21, and the height is dependent on the quantity of material intended to hold.

Tower silos; are the most commonly used. They are constructed using concrete, wood, and steel. Tower silos usually have a diameter of 4 to 48 meters and a height of 3 to 40 m.

Experienced Silo Hauling Services with Tractor Transport

Silos are huge and tedious to ship. You need dedicated professionals you can trust to safely load, ship, and eventually unload the silo at your desired destination. Tractor Transport is your go-to silo shipping agent in the US. We network and work as a team to ensure your silo reaches you in the condition that it was from the pickup point. Tractor Transport only hires experienced individuals who are passionate about their work. We care about you and intend to give you the best shipping experience. From time to time, our staff also get to learn new skills and refresh their knowledge to ensure they are well prepared to serve you better. Our drivers are also very conversant with various routes and can always map out the best and shortest way to deliver your silo.