Top 6 Farming Systems Practiced Around the World

Green Tractor on a trailer
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Green Tractor on a trailer

Farming systems in agriculture are strategies that are specifically set to make the best use of the resources that are available to meet the farm’s needs and lead to maximum productivity. They also help to conserve the environment and preserve the resources. A system is affected by factors that include the available land and water, climate, landscape as well as grazing areas. Besides, the most popular pattern of the region’s agricultural activities also comes into play.

This is a farming system where a farmer grows crops and keeps animals at the same time, and on one piece of land. They may plant different crops whose maturity period varies. Farmers using mixed farming agricultural system plant during all the seasons. In most cases, they are in regions that receive adequate rainfall, or they can access reliable irrigation facilities. They also use manure more than synthetic fertilizer.

This system of farming is mainly practiced by small-scale farmers and they only produce enough food for their families. They do not use any large farming implements to cultivate their small land or harvest their produce. Instead, they have simple tools. On top of that, they may not have any irrigation facilities for their crops during dry spells. Unlike large-scale farmers, those in subsistence farming use minimal fertilizers and manure. They also use traditional farming methods, and most of the work is done manually.

In arable farming system, farmers only grow crops, and they do not keep any animals. Most of them come with excellent agricultural skills that enable them to do what is necessary to take care of their crops. You can use this farming system if you have a small farm, and use the product as food for your family. At the same time, you can sell your harvest and use the money to take care of other needs that you may have. Examples of crops that are produced in arable farming are different types of grains, vegetables and plantain.

This is where a farmer grows a single crop on his or her large piece of land. It is also referred to as tree crop farming. Most farmers do it on a commercial basis, and they invest a lot of capital in it to ensure that it succeeds. They purchase both small and large farm equipment, a lot of fertilizers and manure as well as efficient irrigation facilities. Some of the crops that are grown in plantation farming include apples, tea, grapes, maize, cocoa, sisal, mangoes, spices and coffee.

This is the type of farming system where a farmer focuses on keeping only livestock. They make the most of the available resources by using them to feed their farm animals. Unlike in nomadic farming, you do not have to move your livestock from one place to another since you have to establish and take care of pasture lands. This farming system might prosper, but it is not sustainable, especially when the grazing fields are destroyed by excessive grazing. Pastoral farming includes raising sheep to get wool and dairy farming.

Shifting Cultivation farming system requires a farmer to clear a part of a forest and use it to grow various crops for a few years. They can do it by burning the available vegetation and cutting the trees. Once the fertility of the land reduces, they let it be and go back to their homes to look for a new piece of land to cultivate. Shifting cultivation is a repeated process that has been discouraged lately because fertile lands have become incredibly rare. Furthermore, it is unsustainable, and it leads to the destruction of forest reserves.

How to Select the Best Farm Implement Transport Company

Regardless of the farming system that you are using, you will need a reliable shipping company to help you transport the farm tools that you need or your product to the market. It might be hard to land one because there are many of them available. Even so, with some caution, you can get it. Here are some of the factors to put into account when making your decision.

When you are looking for a shipping company for your farm tools, confirm that it has years of experience. This is the best way to know if they are knowledgeable, and they can meet all your needs. Besides, being in the game for a long time means that they know how to handle your cargo, and avoid mistakes that can lead to them losing your partnership. As you weigh your available options, think about Tractor Transport. We have over a decade of experience, and our shipping services are nothing short of the best.

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Shipping companies around the nation do not have the same rates. When you are choosing one for your transport needs, check out the price that they charge their clients. Is it affordable and fair? If not, look for another. As you look for pocket-friendly rates, do not go for those that are extremely low because you may be disappointed by the services that you will get.

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