Farming Regulations and Equipment Shipping

Shipping a planter on a flatbed trailer
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Farming contributes a lot to the economy in the United States, and farmers specialize in growing different crops and keeping various animals. For maximum efficiency and safety, there are specific regulations that have been put in place. Below are some of the regulations:

6 Farming Regulations in the U.S.

Pesticides are hazardous, and they can lead to fatal infections and diseases if one is not careful when using them. Therefore, the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) requires farmers to buy protective gear to wear when applying pesticides. These include gloves, boots, and masks.

All agriculture employers must tell the employees about all the working conditions and terms before hiring them. The contract that the two parties sign must cover the type of work that they will be handling in the farm, the wage rates, benefits as well as whether or not they will be provided with insurance.

Shipping a planter on a flatbed trailer

All agricultural employers must follow the Fair Labor Standards Act, which comes with exceptions for overtime and minimum wage. Even though agriculture workers should not work overtime, they may engage in activities that do not involve their current farm operations. There are also additional exemptions that apply to employees who are relatives of the farm owner, hand harvest workers who commute every day from their homes, and non-local minors (below 16 years old) who work on the same farm with their parents.

Every employer who has 11 or more hand laborers in their fields for a year may have to provide them with clean drinking water and other essentials for free. If they have 20 workers in their fields for over three hours, there must be at least one hand-washing location and a toilet for them. If the total number of workers is 21, then, there must be another toilet and an extra place for handwashing to serve the additional employee.

If you decide to provide houses for your farm employees, they must be safe and clean to prevent them from contracting diseases. The living quarters must come with cold and hot running water, enough ventilation and lighting, a bed for every worker, a sanitary bathroom, and a kitchen area. On top of that, there should never be any signs of insect or rodent infestation so that they can be maximally comfortable. To make sure that they are always secure, there should be a fire extinguisher in sight and a first aid kit in case of an accident.

Should an employer decide to offer transportation services to their farmworkers, there must be a firmly-secured seat for each of the employees. The windows and doors must be functioning properly. Furthermore, the vehicles must have adequate ventilation and heating during the cold seasons. Other necessities include use of a well maintained automobile with functional brakes, horns, turn signals, and lights to minimize the chances of accidents that can injure the farmworkers or lead to their deaths.

Shipping Farming Products and Equipment

As a farmer, you ought to make sure that the transportation of your farm produce and farm implements goes as smoothly as possible. It all starts with getting an efficient and trustworthy shipping company like Tractor Transport that is well known for its top-notch farm equipment shipping services. At Tractor Transport, we have the best drivers in the region, and they are well-capable of making sure that your farm cargo gets to the intended destination within the agreed time frame.

With Tractor Transport, you can also track your loads whenever you want. The last thing we desire is for you to stay up all night wondering where your farm implements are. Besides, Tractor Transport also want you to have ample time to prepare to receive your goods. Our team of logistics works hand in hand with our drivers to make sure that you get only truthful information.

When transporting your farming products, we put several things into account. These include:

How much time do you have to ship the goods or farm tools? If you are transporting perishable farm goods, you need to hire our expedited transportation services lest you want them to go bad while they are in transit. For heavy farm implements, the time you’ll need will be determined by when you need to use them. Do not forget to tell Tractor Transport the time you have so that we can make all the necessary shipping plans on time. We are never a minute late because your needs always come first.

The size of your cargo is also worth putting into account. It will help Tractor Transport to identify the perfect trailers and trucks to ship the tools. We have many of them, and we will always match your cargo with the ideal trailer to allow for easy and safe transport. If you have many farm implements, we have no problem making multiple trips and still, guarantee on-time delivery. Besides, we have trailers with different sizes to accommodate even the large farming equipment you may have.

Each of the 50 states come with specific laws on how farm equipment should be shipped. At Heavy Transport, we comply with all shipping laws and regulations to allow for safe and fast transport of the farm equipment and products. Besides, Tractor Transport has licenses and all the necessary documents to operate in all of the States, Canada, and Mexico. It has allowed us to earn the trust of our many clients since there are no complications during the shipping process.

At Tractor Transport, we also consider the amount of money you intended to spend on our shipping services. That is why, at Tractor Transport, we give you free quote estimates when you come to us. Then, after we discuss the entire shipping procedure, we will agree on a fair custom price. As always, Tractor Transport will put the distance covered and the weight of the whole shipment into account. Tractor Transport will give you as much as needed to plan your budget accordingly.

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