Four Transports Of 2013 Hagie 204 SP Cutters

Hauling a 2013 Hagie 204 SP Cutter on a lowboy trailer
April 21, 2020 Natasha Post 0 Comments

Multiple Hagie SP Cutter Shipping From Indiana to Texas on RGN Trailer

Our agricultural equipment transport specialist Sam was called to ship these four Hagie 204 SP Cutters, a detasseling machine from Indiana to Texas. The 28 ft. long cutters included their tractor power unit with an extremely high chassis used to de-tassel crops before harvesting and had a total height of 12.6 ft.  Sam did a load evaluation of the farm implements and due to their excessive width and height, went ahead to source the permits for inter-state shipping.
Transporting a 2013 Hagie 204 SP Cutter on a lowboy trailer
The Hagie 204 SP Cutters each weighed 16,000 pounds and had a width of 12 ft. which resulted in agent Sam loading it onto an RGN trailer. The loading procedure was made efficiently easy due to the detachable gooseneck trailer’s versatility for such operations. The detasseling machine was made secure with chain tie-downs and belt strappings, and the load flagged along its length, back, and front.
Hauling a 2013 Hagie 204 SP Cutter on a lowboy trailer
Transport from Remington, Indiana along the I-57 S and I-55 south, through the states of Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, and Louisiana. On reaching the outskirts of Memphis, Tennessee, Sam rerouted the consignment to US-165 S after learning that the I-40 S was closed after Shreveport, TX. The Hagie 204 SP Cutters transport went through Kisatchie National Forest and then Alexandria in Louisiana before joining the I-40 at Lake Charles.
2013 Hagie 204 SP Cutter on a lowboy trailer for transport

Delivery for the multiple Hagie 204 SP Cutters was made with time on the schedule to spare in Houston, Texas after 26 hours and 46 minutes after being loaded in Indiana. The initial route before changing onto US-165 S had been 1,050 miles which were extended by 49 miles due to the road closure. This selected detour saved Sam and his team time that would have been lost navigating the problem areas.

Serial number on a 2013 Hagie 204 SP Cutter

After a conclusive shipping endeavor, Sam handed over the SP204 Cutters to a satisfied client which is standard for all freight moves.  We care about the equipment that we haul and that’s why we guarantee delivery before charging any of our no-deposit competitive fees. 

Sam from handled the four Hagie 204 SP Cutter transports from start to finish, performing logistics, dispatching and acting as a communication link for the client. Call Sam on (877) 373-0109, for more information regarding the shipping of any type or size of a tractor; anywhere within the US, Mexico and Canada.

  • Height:  12.6 ft.
  • Weight: 16,000 lbs.
  • Length: 28 ft.
  • Width: 12 ft. 
  • Transport miles: 1,099 miles
  • Transport route: I-57 E, I-55 S, US-165 S and I-10 W