The Differences Between Silos and Grain Bins

May 13, 2020 Natasha Post 0 Comments

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Some farmers confuse silos with grain bins, but the two are not the same, even though they are both crucial farming equipment. Here are some of the differences between Silos and Grain Bins and how Tractor Transport safely ship them.

How Silos are Different
from Grain Bins

  • Storage Products

Silos are built to store silage, which may be moist cut grass or ground corn that farmers use to feed their livestock. The stored silage can be used as animal food when there is a dry spell, and you don’t have enough animal feed. Grain bins, on the other hand, are used for storing dry grain that can later be used as fuel, human, or animal feed. The grain may include corn, wheat, soybeans, and barley, oats, and flax seeds.

  • Storage conditions

Silos are designed to allow for minimal airflow because they store premium products like moist corn or grass. It helps to prevent them from spoiling. On the contrary, grain bins allow for maximum airflow to protect grain from spoilage or being infested by insects. To make sure that you are in total control, they have moisture and airflow monitoring technology so that you can make adjustments when need be.

  • Construction

Another thing that distinguishes silos and grain bins is how they are built. A grain bin will always have a peaked metal and a metal cylinder. On top of that, there are ladders or staircases on the exterior to make monitoring the grains effortless. Silos are different because although they have a cylindrical shape, they can be made using brick, wood, or metal, and you are free to choose the material that you prefer. Besides, grain bins are shorter when compared to silos.

How to Efficiently Ship Silos

Silos are tall and skinny structures that come in handy when storing silage. When shipping such equipment, you have to be extra careful to make sure that they will serve their purpose efficiently. Begin by hiring the shipping services of Tractor Transport, the best farm equipment shipping company in the world. With Tractor Transport, you are guaranteed the safe delivery of the silos, regardless of your location in the United States, across Canada and Mexico. Besides, Tractor Transport has employed some of the most competent heavy equipment shipping drivers around. Apart from their incredible capability to follow instructions, they are determined to meet your every shipping need. They have mastered the fastest and safest routes in every state, and you can trust them with your shipment.

At Tractor Transport, we also have qualified shipping customer service agents who are available 24/7. With them, you can get any information you need at any time of the day. To make sure that they serve you in the best way possible, Tractor Transport makes sure that they are trained and enlightened about our silo shipping services. Additionally, they can help you to track your solos while on transit. With your silos’ location, you can prepare for their delivery early in advance. In case you will be held up, and might not be able to come to the agreed pick-up location, you can go for Tractor Transport’s efficient door-to-door delivery services. Once we arrive at your farm, we will call you immediately. Tractor Transport’s professionals are ever ready to help you unload the silos and even store them at the space that you have prepared.

Another great thing about hiring Tractor Transport to ship your silos is that we provide contingency insurance on all our transportation services. At Tractor Transport, we want you to rest assured that your silos are protected while they are being shipped. Together with your own insurance, you never have to worry about losses that you can suffer in case of accidents. Even so, they are scarce because, as aforementioned, our drivers are competent and incredibly attentive when transporting shipments.

How to Efficiently Ship Grain Bins

If you are thinking about shipping grain bins, do not hesitate to come to Tractor Transport for quality shipping services. Tractor Transport serves all the 50 states in the United States, and you are free to drop by any of our offices to discuss how we will transport your grain bins. Even as you get your own insurance, you can rest assured that Tractor Transport also offers insurance to ensure that your grain bins have maximum protection while they are being transported to your location.

At Tractor Transport, we also have some of the most affordable rates in the nation to see to it that nothing stops you from enjoying our exceptional shipping services. We will give you our free shipping quotes as soon as you come to us. This will enable you to plan your budget on time, and allow us to start hauling your grain bins as soon as possible. To allow for more convenience, we have more than one payment option. Do not hesitate to pay us using cash, via PayPal, checks, and direct wire transfers. Your terms of payment will depend on the requirements of the carrier.

Besides, you should hire Tractor Transport because we are known for our exceptional grain bin shipping services. We have been availing our services for almost a decade, and it has enabled us to learn a lot about the grain bin transportation process. Our vast experience has also enabled us to adopt the best transportation methods. Additionally, Tractor Transport has approachable and reliable customer service agents who work day and night to see to it that your needs are always met. They will share their vast shipping knowledge with you at any time. If you have anything that has been bothering you, let them be the first people you go to for a solution. They will connect you with our incredible shipping experts for more help.

Types of Silos and
Grain Bins
Tractor Transport Ships

    • Bunker silos
    • Bag silos
    • Tower silos
    • Metal grain bins
    • Wood grain bins
    • Hopper bottomed grain bins

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