Balers and How to Ship Them

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A baler is a specific type of farm implement that farmers use to compress crop which has been cut and raked into small bales that are easy to carry, transport, and even store. Examples of such crops are hay, silage, cotton as well as flax straw. Most people also refer to this piece of machinery as a hay baler. Different balers are used to produce different types of bales. If you are planning to acquire one or more balers, or you are planning to ship them to a different location, Tractor Transport is here to help you safely transport your balers anywhere in the States, Canada, and Mexico. Here are a few tips on how to safely transport balers:

Steps to Follow When Shipping Different Types of Balers

Tractor Transport is among the top-rated shipping companies worldwide. Therefore, nothing should stop you from coming to Tractor Transport whenever you need to ship different types of balers. You will find our offices situated at different locations across the nation, and you can head to any of them to know everything you need to know about Tractor Transport’s baler shipping services.

You can also reach out to Tractor Transport’s world-class customer service agents who are available 24/7 to ensure that your needs are maximally met. Also, feel free to call us via (877)373-0109.

After you have discussed the entire shipping process with Tractor Transport, start planning your budget. We want to make things incredibly easy for you. Hence you can get a free shipping estimate from us as soon as you visit us. Tractor Transport rates are affordable, and you should stress over spending all your cash on us. They are dependent on where you want us to deliver the balers and their weight. Once you set aside the shipping fee, feel free to use the most convenient payment method for you. We accept several, including cash, checks, PayPal, and wire transfers.

Tractor transport understands that you might need to know the location of your farm machinery while it is in transit. It will give you a peace of mind, and enable you to trust us. Therefore, we avail shipment tracking services that you can access at any time, and as many times as you wish. Our staff is friendly, and they will work together with our drivers to give you the details you require.

When Tractor Transport starts shipping your balers, you can prepare to receive them. You can begin by creating enough space to store the equipment. Keeping them outside can be risky because they can be stolen, or damaged. Tractor Transport’s staff can help you unload once they get to your location.

Then, prepare the necessary identification documents so that our drivers can confirm that you are one of our clients. If you had ordered our door-to-door delivery services, make sure that you are at home or your business premises at the time that we agreed on. Tractor Transport is well known for keeping time, we are always on time because we value your time and quality of our services. If you will not be available, let us know, and make sure that someone is there to receive the shipment.

The Different Types of Balers Tractor Transport Ships

Tractor Transport hauls a variety of balers for our different clients all over the nation. Here are some of them:

This is one of the most popular type of balers, and it is used in many states across the nation. Farmers use it to make round, rolled, or cylinder-shaped bales. Round balers come with thatched roofs that allow them to withstand extremely rough weather conditions. They also have either rubberized belts or fixed rollers to roll up the grass. Some even have both of them. Tractor Transport has the necessary equipment for the safe hauling of your round balers within or outside your state.

At Tractor Transport, we can also comfortably haul your rectangular balers. They are ideal for large livestock farmers who need to feed the animals several times a day. There are both small and large rectangular balers. It is up to you to decide the one that best fits your needs. Once you have made the purchase, contact Tractor Transport so that we can make the necessary shipping arrangements.

There are also square balers that produce uniform, well-shaped bales, and if you want yours delivered, Tractor Transport is always ready to ship them. The models available on the market are not the same, and they have different features. Hence, when you are buying a square baler, evaluate its qualities first to see to it that it can meet all your needs.

Tractor Transport also ships various types of industrial balers to different parts of the nation. They are used for compact wastes like plastics, office paper, foil, cans as well as corrugated fiberboard. For more efficiency during the compression process, they are manufactured using steel with hydraulic rams. They are available in different sizes, and some are more complex and automated than others.

Here are the types of industrial balers that Tractor Transport ships:

Tractor Transport Popular Industrial Baler Brands