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Tractor Transport is well-known in the North American agricultural industry as being a dependable and versatile hauling service. We understand the logistics and needs of farmers and contractors to move specialized equipment from Mexico to Canada, and anywhere across the United States. Trust us to ship your dry grain bagger where you want it when you want it. Speak with one of the experienced logistics professionals at Tractor Transport today - (877) 373-0109.

Choose Tractor Transport for your equipment shipping needs

3 months ago Tractor Transport agent Milos Visnjic coordinated this load. The client requested for a 2014 Grain Bagger R1050 (10K, 25L, 12.5W, 11.6H) to be transported. Milos was able to arrange the Grain Bagger to be loaded in Maxwell, IA and delivered to Plaza, ND. Milos handled obtaining the permits for this oversized shipment. Entrust in Heavy Hauler expert Milos Visnjic to get your freight transported by calling today for your free estimate! (954) 495-9745

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Choose the Right Shippers With the Right Trailers to Move Your Grain Bagger

Having the right equipment to handle heavy loads during harvest time makes the difference between getting every piece of grain packed correctly or leaving some of the load in the field. Especially when inclement weather hits, making sure that you're able to seal and bag your full shipment helps your clients remain profitable and successful.

Bagging dry grain reduces the risk of damaging the crop and allows for flexible storage. Many farmers choose to use a dry grain bagger unit to ensure that every piece is correctly loaded, stored, and sealed. Dry grain baggers can speed up the harvest, eliminating the need to wait in line at the dryer or grain elevator. Grain can be loaded right from the combine, grain carts, or even farming semi trucks. At a fraction of the cost of a grain bin set-up, it's easy to see why many farmers are opting for bagged storage.

Purchasing a grain bagger may not be an option for smaller farmers, so many heavy agricultural equipment companies will lease their own equipment to different farms. Once the grain harvest is ready, things move quickly – and the equipment will need to move quickly, as well. For heavy farm equipment contractors, profits depend on how quickly they're able to move from one location to the next. That's where Tractor Transport comes in.

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Tractor Transport Offers an Extensive Range of Trailer Choices To Haul Your Air Seeders:


Our most versatile and commonly used trailer by far is the standard flatbed trailer, made evident by the sheer number of them on the road every day. A great aspect of flatbed trailer shipping is the stability of the bed and the fact that these common carriers come in a wide variety of sizes and dimensions. A flatbed trailer, as the name suggests, is marked by a flat trailer surface that's able to be loaded with stability by balancing and securing cargo on the outside edges of the trailer.

Flatbed Trailer Specifications:
Max Weight: 48,000 pounds
Max Length 53 ft.
Max Width 8.5 ft.
Max Height 8.5 ft.


RGN Trailer Specifications:
Max Weight: 42,000+ pounds
Main Deck Length 29 ft.
Well Width 8.5 ft.
Legal Height Limit 11.6 ft.

The Removable Gooseneck (RGN) trailer has a detachable front end that turns the trailer into a ramp. Past the detachable section of the trailer, RGNs are equipped with a double drop formation that lends the payload an extra amount of height, usually around 12 extra inches. The variable nature of the RGN trailer allows it to accommodate cargo that is more difficult for less flexible trailers. Referred to as a "detach", the RGN is ideal for transporting less than standard cargo, equipment that is longer, taller, or otherwise a non-normal size.


Similar to the standard Removable Gooseneck Trailer, the extended RGN has an added section for additional length and capacity for particularly tricky transport jobs. When cargo is too long for the standard Removable Gooseneck (RGN), we sometimes employ the extended RGN. Like the standard RGN, the back portion of the stretch RGN is removable, creating a convenient ramp. The extended RGN has a versatile extension feature that allows it to meet an increased number of length requirements for cargo.

Extended RGN Trailer Specifications:
Max Weight: 150,000+ pounds
Main Deck Length 29 ft. - 65 ft.
Well Width 8.5 ft.
Legal Height Limit 11.6 ft.


Drop Deck Trailer Specifications:
Max Weight: 48,000 pounds
Max Length 53 ft.
Max Width 8.5 ft.
Max Height 11 ft.

A drop deck, or "step deck" trailer resembles a standard flatbed model with a single drop in order to give the trailer the capacity for more cargo height. This is especially advantageous when the payload exceeds the standard height requirements for a regular flatbed. This is especially advantageous when the payload exceeds the standard height requirements for a regular flatbed. For especially large or oddly sized pieces of equipment, the drop deck trailers present a uniquely ideal solution; tractors, farming combines and large construction and industrial equipment.


When a job necessitates a trailer that can carry an irregularly long piece of equipment or cargo, we employ the extended drop deck trailer. Like a flatbed with either a single or a double attached gooseneck, the extended drop deck gives the user capacity for additional height and length to meet the needs of a specific cargo load. Typically, the extended RGN is more flexible than the standard RGN, so it's only used when absolutely necessary.

Extended Drop Deck Trailer Specifications:
Max Weight: 45,000 pounds
Max Length 63 ft.
Max Width 8.5 ft.
Max Height 10 ft.


Lowboy Trailer Specifications:
Max Weight: 40,000 pounds
Max Length 24 ft.
Max Width 8.5 ft.
Max Height 14 ft.

A lowboy is one of the lowest trailers to the ground, as its name suggests. Many heavy hauling tasks are carried out with the help of the lowboy trailer because of its use for extremely large, heavy, and oversized or over-dimension equipment. Typically when you see a sign that says "Oversize Load" on the interstate, the cargo being hauled is done so with a lowboy trailer. Many shippers use lowboy models as their top choice for these jobs due to their capacity to carry extremely heavy weights of cargo, and their stability as the lowest, off-the-ground option.

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