New Holland Tractor Models and Uses

New Holland Tractor loaded for transport
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New Holland produces a wide variety of agricultural machinery, including tractors, combines, harvesters, balers, and much more. New Holland tractors have also won several awards. Most notably, the New Holland T4110N won Best Specialized Tractor of 2020, and the New Holland Methane Power tractor won Best Sustainable Tractor of 2020 at Tractor of the Year (TOTY) Awards.

One of the reasons the New Holland T4110N was named the best specialized tractor is partly due to its suspended axle system, marketed as ‘TerraGlide’ that is available with or without brakes. It enables users to drive at a higher speed in full safety, both in fields and on roads. The suspension height and rigidity can also be varied according to the soil conditions. It’s versatile, dependable, and capable of undertaking a wide variety of tasks, such as wagon hauling, raking, barnyard scraping, and can be used both as a utility tractor and daily workhorse.

New Holland Boomer 25-50 Tractors

New Holland  Boomer tractors are compact tractors divided into three subdivisions. Class 1 features the Boomer 25, tractors with three-cylinder 23-horsepower and 27-horsepower engines, and a dual-range transmission. Class 2 features the Boomer 30 and 35, tractors with four-cylinder 28-horsepower and 38-horsepower engines. Class 3 features the Boomer 40 and 50, four-cylinder engine tractors with 41-horsepower and 47-horsepower engines. Boomer tractors can be used to manage golf courses, vineyards, orchards, and more.

New Holland Tractor loaded for transport

New Holland T3F Tractors

T3F tractor models from New Holland are also compact tractors, but they have a specialized use. They were developed for professional fruit growers that need a compact tractor with higher power performance than a Boomer tractor. Their hydraulic rear hitch and two external hydraulic rams provide a lift capacity of up to 2277 kg for rear-attached implements. T3F tractors have a 55-72 horsepower range and are designed to easily move between rows undertaking tasks such as spraying, cultivating, and transport.

New Holland T4 Tractors

T4 tractors from New Holland are highly versatile, equally at home performing transport, front loader, and PTO tasks. The T4 series is an all-rounder that’s often used for golf course upkeep and municipalities’ work. The tractor’s power curve is flat between 1900-2100rpm, allowing for evenly sustained power during demanding operations. The upgraded T4B models have been upgraded to meet even the most stringent emissions regulations, and the Common Rail engine provides efficient performance. The T4 F/N/V models offer more power, improved front linkage, and a PTO package for heavy-duty front loading tasks. Each model can be tailored to meet specialized needs, but the standard builds are built as all-rounders.

T5 Utility and Electro Command Tractors

The New Holland T5 range was designed as an all-rounder for modern mixed farms. Similarly, the T5 Electro Command tractor can be used for modern dairy, livestock, and mixed farming applications. Its visual style mimics the T6 and T7 tractors but in a more compact package. The T5 range takes inspiration from the original T5000 series. The current T5 tractor can perform loader work with front- or rear-mounted implements, and it is also safe for road transport. The tractor is equipped with a wide frame front loader stable enough to work with heavy loads, even at maximum extension. Whether you’re moving logs or tilling fields, the T5 can be used. It has a wide range of power and transmission options, and the rear linkage can lift up to 4,400 kg.

T6 Tractors and Uses

New Holland T6 tractors are heavy-duty, all-purpose tractors. Standard FWD models have an extended 104-inch wheelbase that delivers better traction and a smooth ride during field operation. The long wheelbase can also be extended further with SuperSteer or TerraGlide axles. T6 tractors range in power between 95-125 PTO horsepower in four configurations. The T6 value model is designed for basic chores and haying needs; the Plus configuration provides haying and loader operations. In contrast, the Elite and Dynamic Command configurations offer advanced features that boost performance and add luxury features. Reversing with trailers, repetitive loader work, and more is often done with a T6 tractor on mixed arable and intensive livestock farms.

T7 Tractors and Uses

The T7 tractors are the largest in the New Holland tractor range. As with most New Holland tractors, they’re designed to make modern farming more comfortable, particularly day-long farming endeavors. The 9 model T7 series can be integrated with any New Holland loader and can be partnered with front- and rear-attachments for a wide variety of farming applications.

New Holland Shipping with Tractor Transport

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