John Deere Tractor Models and Uses

John Deere 7230 tractor loaded for transport
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Whether you’re a homeowner using a tractor for necessary yard work or a large agricultural producer, there’s a John Deere tractor model to meet your needs. There are six main tractor types offered by John Deere, ranging from large 4WD tractors to subcompact utility tractors. The varieties we’ll focus on are the following:

  • 4WD/Track tractors
  • Compact tractors
  • Scraper special tractors
  • Row crop tractors
  • Specialty tractors
  • Utility tractors

John Deere 4WD/Tracked Tractors

The biggest tractor models manufactured by John Deere include the 9R, 9RT, and 9RX. These tractors vary in power between 370-horsepower and 620-horsepower, are comfortably built for use on both rolling hills and wet fields. Their large footprint provides the flotation required in wet locations.

The 9RX Narrow Track models, specifically, are built for working in fields with 22-, 30-, and 40-inch row crops. Plus, they are suitable for use in combination with high-speed planters, large grain carts, and nutrient application bars. John Deere also offers Wide Track models that can be used for year-round field applications.

John Deere 7230 tractor loaded for transport

John Deere Compact Tractors

John Deere has a wide range of compact tractors in four series. The 1 Series is a small, subcompact tractor, while the 2 Series is a mini landscaper. The 3 Series tractor is a mighty small tractor, and the 4 Series is the most heavy-duty, compact tractor in the range. These tractors range from 24-horsepower to 66-horsepower and are well suited for small loading, plowing, digging, mowing, and landscaping tasks.

Like compact tractors, sub-compact John Deere tractors are useful for yard maintenance, with their lean frame great for maneuverability in smaller spaces. They still retain attachment capabilities and can be used for moving materials. Many tractors in the range have quick hitch compatibility, Quik-Park functionality, user-friendly controls, and 4WD as standard.

John Deere Scraper Special Tractors

If you’re regularly using pull scrapers, disks, rollers, and other implements, a scraper special tractor is the John Deere range for you. There are seven Scraper Special models available in both rubber-wheeled and tracked configurations to suit typical working conditions, with 18-speed PowerShift transmissions supported by a heavy-duty frame. For example, the 9RT Scraper Special is the choice for soft or sandy conditions. Scraper Specials are also compatible with Carry-Alls and Ejectors that can load and unload a wide variety of materials and are even used in precision grading.

John Deere Row Crop Tractors

John Deere’s series of row crop tractors are available in three series. These are traditional and large farm tractors typically used to prepare fields and assist with crop planting tasks. With between 100-horsepower and 360-horsepower, these tractors can easily power through crop preparation and planting activities.

The 6 Series tractor can also undertake hay baling, snow removal, commercial mowing, and other municipal tasks, as well as row crop applications. The larger 8 Series has the hydraulic capacity to tow large planters and other farm implements.

John Deere Specialty Tractors

Many of John Deere’s specialty tractors are built with narrow frames and low profiles to improve maneuverability in tight spaces without compromising engine power. Low-profile tractors can travel safely under tree limbs and raised poultry feeders and still handle a wide range of farm implements. For crop farmers, there is a specialty high clearance tractor that helps to minimize crop disturbances and maximize the accuracy of row spacing. The narrow series benefit orchard, vineyard, and nursery owners, since they can travel between tight plant rows without accidental disturbance.

John Deere Utility Tractor Series

Utility tractors from John Deere can be useful on various projects, including fieldwork and residential yard work. Multiple attachment capabilities are possible, allowing the operator to create a vehicle suitable for the job at hand, whether it’s driveway snow removal, hay baling, or working livestock.

The 5E Series of utility tractors is available with 3-4 cylinders and suitable for property owners, producers, and professional landscape contractors alike. With a higher horsepower range of 75-115, the 5M series can handle slightly more challenging jobs. The larger 5R Series has a 90 to 125-horsepower engine range and has row crop tractor features in a smaller utility tractor package. For farm or ranch work, the 6E series is the most suitable utility tractor.