How To Load a Wood Chipper

Loading a wood chipper for transport
October 21, 2021 Natasha Post 0 Comments

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Wood chippers come in different shapes and sizes and can be classified as drums, disks, or screw chippers. As a result, a shipping company’s approach when loading the equipment varies according to the type of load for shipping. Comparatively wider chippers require relatively larger trailers. Fortunately, Tractor Transport has many trailers of different sizes that can be used to haul wood chippers from one location to the next. Some chippers are better transported on flatbed trailers. In that case, we have a large inventory of flatbeds to do the job. If the load is enormous, we will use an RGN trailer for transport. Besides having an extensive inventory of trailers, Tractor Transport has an array of tie-down chains and synthetic straps that will secure the wood chipper firmly to the trailer to prevent vibrations and lateral displacement that might damage the load.

We are also blessed to have trained, licensed, experienced, and insured drivers who’ve been transporting heavy loads on northern roads. They can maneuver through tight spots along the travel path without causing any damage to the equipment in transit or even the hauling trailer. Tractor Transport has a dedicated team ready to offer assistance to our weight and leverage experts to load wood chippers safely. Our logistics department is prepared to provide guidance and help on securing the required documents when we need to ship a heavy piece of equipment from one place to another. In terms of competition, Tractor Transport understands that acquiring a wood chipper already dented your finances. Therefore, we offer affordable shipping rates without compromising the quality of our service.

Loading a wood chipper for transport

Safely Shipping Your Wood Chipper

Farmers worldwide face challenges when it comes to matters of loading and transporting farm products and machinery to another destination. One critical factor you should consider when you need to ship wood chipper is the choice of your transport service provider. Many shipping companies, both reputable and disreputable, have entered the shipping business. It becomes challenging to know the company you can rely on when there’re so many companies to choose from. Tractor Transport is a shipping company you can depend on to haul your farm product and machinery. The company has served many farmers around the US for over a decade. We are committed to offering the same services quality when you call upon us to handle your consignment.

Tractor Transport is a family-managed shipping outfit that understands the importance of building a solid business foundation for you and future generations. Additionally, we appreciate the contribution of farmers in feeding the nation and many other people around the world. Consequently, we feel tacitly mandated to investing in state-of-the-art hauling equipment to improve the quality of service we offer them. Above all, Tractor Transport employs dedicated drivers, with whom we share the same values on matters relating to providing shipping services for farmers. Our representatives also abide by our code of conduct and are trained to understand the business dynamics. They can offer swift advice should client request assistance.

How to Ship Wood Chippers with Tractor Transport

Tractor Transport offers wood chipper shipping to any destination within the US. We have many trailers that we can use to transport your equipment to the desired destination. Our competent logistics experts understand the nature and extent of work required to maintain high safety standards. If you are looking for wood chipper transportation, kindly call us today. We’ll start making arrangements for the shipment. We will listen to your unique shipping needs and inquire about a few details about the essential equipment for paper works. You may be required to give more information about the specifications of your wood chipper, including your preferred pick-up and delivery location. Once we complete the paperwork, our logistics department will send the hauling vessel and a driver who knows the route well and can safely deliver the cargo to the specific receiving site.