How To Load A Windrower

Swather mowing a field
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Windrowers are farm machines specialized in cutting grain crops or hay and sorting the cuts into windrows. There are two types of windrowers: self-propelled windrowers and tractor-down windrowers. While the self-propelled types don’t require extra equipment to move them, the tractor-down windrowers need towing on tractors for them to serve the intended purpose. Another distinguishing factor between self-propelled and tractor-down windrowers is the difference in size. The former are relatively larger because they feature a driver’s cab. Regardless of the type and size of a windrower, Tractor Transport aims at providing our customers timely and safe shipping solutions for their windrowers/swathers.

Tractor Transport has a team of dedicated loaders with experience in handling and hauling heavy equipment. They are trained in assessing the magnitude of the work and propose the most appropriate mode of transport for each type of windrower. Sometimes it’s impossible to ship larger windrowers using one trailer system. Our team can look for alternative transport options to ensure your windrower is delivered in good condition and on time. For example, we may opt to isolate the cab from the equipment’s body when shipping self-propelled windrowers. We’ll haul the two parts on different trailers, which means they’ll be assembled upon arrival at the desired destination. Tractor Transport is the number one windrower shipping company.

Swather mowing a field

How to Transport a Windrower

The transportation of windrowers from one location to another has been made easier by Tractor Transport. We are dedicated to devising the specific means for hauling windrowers for our clients. Our flatbed trailer transports and RGN trailer hauls are the commonly preferred equipment for loading surfaces for speedy deliveries. We have a large inventory of flatbed trailers so that we can find the most suitable trailer for your windrower. Additionally, we boast special-purpose RGNs for comparatively larger windrowers. Transport Tractor has competent staff dedicated to understanding the nature of work. We have the personnel to analyze the job dynamics and formulate a report detailing the best approach for the task at hand. Our logistics team shall then select a state-of-the-art power cab that can capably haul the equipment.

Transport Tractor will compile the information given by our team members and send the tractor that loads and firmly grips the windrower in position. Once we are satisfied that the task can be achieved by one hauling unit, we’ll send one flatbed tractor capable of handling the load. However, if the cargo requires a comparatively wider bed and loading ramp, then we recommend an RGN. Once the trailer arrives at the pick-up site, loading commences under the supervision of our experienced weight and leverage professionals. An industry-seasoned driver will take over the steering wheel to haul the windrower to the delivery point for offloading. Observing high safety protocols during the offloading process is critical because any mishap may mean costly damages to the equipment.

How to Ship Windrower with Tractor Transport

Tractor Transport can ship any windrower to any destination of a client’s choosing. All you need to do is call us. We have representatives on standby to address your concerns and guide you on how to get the shipping process started. They’ll inquire about details about the load, including the pick-up and drop-off locations. Tractor Transport also ensures that you deal with one logistics agent from the moment you contact us to the time we deliver your load. In case we’re shipping multiple units, it would be best to inform our agent of the number of windrowers you want hauling so that we can plan appropriately for the consignment. That includes conducting route surveys, finding suitable trailers and cabs, and retrieving any permits from the DOT department.