How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Combine?

Shipping a John Deere Combine on a RGN trailer
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The cost of shipping your combine depends on several factors. One key determinant of cost is the distance to be covered. Tractor Transport computes its hauling price estimation by considering the distance between your equipment’s pick-up and drop-off points. For instance, it may be comparatively expensive to ship a combine internationally than hauling it domestically. If you need intrastate combine shipping services, it may be cheaper compared to an interstate haul. Furthermore, at Tractor Transport, charges also depend on the cost of acquiring requisite paper works for a particular shipment. Equipment with complex documentation and expensive permits tend to be comparatively expensive than those requiring cheaper and easy-to-access permits.

Your combine’s size also determines the price that the hauling company charges. The price is relatively higher for a larger combine. Super-cargo loads take more time transporting, more skills, and more staff. Hence, it is normal to charge different prices for two combines that are different in size but are transported to the same place. A significantly wider load will require escort assistance, which has the potential of increasing the transportation cost. Tractor Transport has a dedicated team that evaluates all the dynamics for your shipping needs and formulates affordable pricing for our clients. We understand the importance of timely delivery of your equipment and do not wish to add unnecessary stress associated with price determination for hauling farm machinery. We ship your equipment at competitive prices, but you are guaranteed exemplary, time, and effective shipping.

How To Determine The Cost Of Shipping A Combine

Tractor Transport has been shipping combines both locally and internationally for a long time. We, therefore, have a good understanding of logistics and dynamics associated with hauling combines. Our representatives have a defined formula that generates the cost of transporting your combine to the required destination. We understand the need to maintain high standards of professionalism, and in as much as our prices are pocket-friendly, we don’t compromise on quality. In addition to providing pocket-friendly shipping charges, our logistics team is dedicated to ensuring we use the routes that will enable you to get your machinery as soon as possible. We also select the safest routes for your combine shipping. Tractor Transport also has the best drivers and loaders that ensure that the equipment is adequately secured and that the chances of mechanical damages while on transit are significantly reduced.

If you want to estimate the cost of shipping your combine from one location to another, we recommend you consider elements essential for hauling the equipment. For example, you should consider the travel destination and whether the consignment needs an international or domestic delivery or pick up. In domestic travel, it is essential to keep in mind the cost of states permit and the distance between the pick-up and drop-off points. You may also want to evaluate the size of your combine while estimating the transport changes. Standard size combines may cost less than oversize types if all factors remain constant.

Shipping a John Deere Combine on a RGN trailer

How to Ship a Combine with Tractor Transport

Using Tractor Transport to ship your combine gets easier and elaborate once you contact us. We have a team that is always available to guide you through the process. Our representatives will listen keenly, answer your questions, provide clarifications, and provide you with proven options and suggestions for a successful ship for your combine. Once we have established the nature of the work required, Tractor Transport formulates hauling arrangements specific to your needs. We examine all the possible routes used while transporting the combine and select the most convenient, guaranteeing safe and timely delivery. Our logistic team is one of the most experienced departments when it comes to transporting combines, and we, therefore, guarantee to offer the best service.