How To Ship A Tractor Out of The Country

DF 5080 Tractor loaded for transport
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Sure, this might be your first time organizing to ship a tractor or any other heavy equipment out of the country. Thankfully, this is probably not the first time such type of equipment has been shipped overseas. There are numerous tractor shipping companies that have been offering international shipping services for years. For instance, Tractor Transport has been shipping all loads considered awkward, heavy, and bulky for over a decade now. Therefore, you can trust that these experts are experienced and dependable in shipping your tractor internationally to Canada and Mexico and overseas. Besides tractors, here other heavy equipment these companies have shipped from the United States:

    • Bulldozers
    • Combines
    • Balers
    • Water tanks,
    • Tractor-trailers
    • Water tanks
    • Mowers
    • Sprayers
    • Planters

How To Ship A Tractor Overseas

The most convenient and reliable way of shipping a tractor out of the country is partnering with a specialized heavy hauling company. Renowned shipping companies such as Tractor Transport are experienced in shipping heavy equipment locally and internationally to Canada, Mexico, and across other continents. These hauling experts will transport your tractor to the port, manage the entire hauling process and ensure it gets to the destination safely and timely. This includes arranging for ground transportation to and from the ports, confirming the availability of RoRo vessels or aircraft, and handling the paperwork required before oversea shipping.

John Deere 4410 Tractor loaded on a step deck trailer for transport

Port-to-Port Tractor Shipping

Time is a crucial factor when hauling your tractor across international borders. It is therefore vital that your load is timely transported and delivered to the time for shipping. Otherwise, you might have to reschedule or incur some extra charges. The best thing about working with heavy hauling experts such as Tractor Transport is that they are well equipped with top-quality equipment for your tractor shipping needs. Once you provide accurate descriptions of your load, they will match you with the correct shipping equipment to transport it to the port. They are loading experts and will help you load and secure the tractor safely onto the trailer. You can therefore relax with the assurance that your tractor will get to the port safely and in the best conditions. The most common equipment used for such operations include:

    • Flatbed Trailers
    • RGN Trailer
    • Step-Deck Trailers, etc.

Transporting Your Tractor To Another Country

Heavy hauling companies have formed strong relationships with their clients and with other experts in the industries. They partner with professional, experienced, and reputable freight forwarders who facilitate your tractor’s safe, easy, and timely shipping from the port to its destination. Your shipping company understands the ins and outs of international heavy equipment shipping. They will help you acquire all the required permits to move your tractor across international borders for safe and legal shipping.

Here are some of the common methods used in shipping tractors and other heavy equipment internationally.

        • Flat-Rack Shipping
        • Roll-On Roll-Off (Roro, Ro-Ro or Ro/Ro) Shipping
        • Pallet Shipping
        • Container Shipping

Please note that not all ports can handle oversized international shipping. Understanding your tractor size and dimensions and communicating them to your hauling company is crucial for prior preparations.