The Most Common Farm Equipment Used in Winter and How to Transport

John Deere 8320R Tractor and Shelbourne CVS16 Stripper Header loaded for transport on a step deck trailer in the snow
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Common Winter Farm Equipment

As winter approaches, a farmer knows that puffy jackets, warm gloves, and snow boots are not the only things to invest in. As he builds a snowman with his grandchildren, a farmer remembers that he has to be well-equipped not just for winter but for the planting season. Farming does not necessarily stop when snow falls. Whether one specializes in livestock farming, crop cultivation, or engages in both, a farmer knows that the work does not halt at the onset of the coldest season in the year. Land has to be prepared for the anticipated planting season. It is important to hire the best farm equipment hauling company for effective delivery. During winter, there is common farm equipment commonly put in use.

Snow Plow Equipment

A snow plow is used to remove ice and snow from large land tracks and other outdoor surfaces. A snow plow is particularly useful for areas that usually receive massive snow amount each year. This equipment is essential during the winter as it can be hooked onto winter vehicles, pick-up trucks, and on front-end loaders. A farmer needs a snow plow to clear the way for his animals, and to remove ice and snow from his land. Removing snow ensures that the farmer prepares his land in time for the planting season. The main advantage of a snow plow lies in its efficiency of use in clearing snow and ice from vast land areas. A farmer can easily hook a snow plow on to his tractor or truck and clear the snow in quite a short time.

John Deere 8320R Tractor and Shelbourne CVS16 Stripper Header loaded for transport on a step deck trailer in the snow

Snow Blower Machinery

As a farmer, a snow blower is one of the most worthwhile investments to make. The blower is essential as it helps in clearing up the way for your livestock to their pastures. It can also ease access to the livestock sheds or barn and product storage areas when winter has hit hard. When you have a snow blower, your farm activities do not necessarily have to stop when snow piles high. Farmers use the snow blower to clear their decks, driveways and clear their compound’s walkways for safety and easy access. The key advantage of the blower is that it is easy to use. However, it is not entirely effective for use in large land tracks. Farmers can choose to purchase snow blowers that use an electric motor or those that use gas engines.

  • Types of snow blowers
  • Single-stage snow blowers
  • Two-stage snow blowers
  • Three-stage snow blowers


For farmers, generators are essential power backup sources. Generators, large or portable, come in handy when there is power outage during the winter, and you need to run your equipment. Farm activities and tasks can be laborious, especially during the winter. Powered equipment come in handy as they make the work easy, less laborious, and enhance productivity. If power is out during the winter, a farmer does not have to wait. One does not have to do the tasks manually. By plugging equipment in a generator, a farmer can keep up with his work while waiting for power to be restored.

How to Ship Your Winter Farm Equipment

Finding the right shipping means for your winter farm equipment is fundamental. Snowblowers, generators, and snowplows are best transported using flatbed trailers. The hauling company might use winches or cranes for easy, quick, and safe loading and offloading. The equipment should be harnessed with tie-back straps to limit their movement and potential falls that might translate to serious damage and expensive losses.

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