Farmer Lingo – A List of Phrases and Definitions

Transporting an Oshkosh airport plow on a lowboy trailer
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Farmer's and Farming Lingo-Common Phrases and definitions

Terms and phrases used by farmers may not make sense to individuals with little interaction with farming communities in the United States. For a person that grows up in the city, conversations with farmers may not be easy. It is important, therefore, to have a grasp of terms that describe processes, equipment types, and farming activities.


This is one of the commonest terms today. Agribusiness describes and ties together crop production, processing, transportation to different areas, and distribution and sale. Agribusiness means that the farmer engages in rearing animals and/or crop production as a business. They keep animals and cultivate crops, either in small or large scale, to sell and earn money.


Harvesting is a process where farmers gather their ready crop from the fields. The process may have several steps based on the crop involved. The steps may involve e cutting, tying together, threshing, and transporting for storage. For farms with minimal mechanization, harvesting can be a very tedious process as the tasks are manually done. Different farm equipment are used for different crops harvesting. At Tractor Transport, we have been shipping harvesting equipment such as reaper binders, combines, hay rakers, and cotton pickers, all through the USA, Mexico, and Canada.


Farmers are embracing aquaponic farming due to the efficiency and the mutuality of systems involved. Aquaponic refers to an integration of subsistence fish farming (aquaculture) and growing vegetables hydroponically. “Dirty” water from the fish pond is drained to the vegetable bed. Here, the plants absorb the fish-generated waste, which acts as a fertilizer. The plant-filtered, clean, and oxygenated water is redirected to the fish pond, where the process starts again.

Transporting an Oshkosh airport plow on a lowboy trailer

Manure Management

The significance of quality manure for farmers cannot be overemphasized. Manure is a valuable commodity for healthy and quality crop production due to the ability to enhance the soil’s health. Manure management encompasses piling up, storing, treating, and utilizing manure in an environmentally sustainable way. Contrary to what many people think, manure management does not stop at safe storage. Sustainable use in the farm is included in the process. Garden tractors equipped with a front-end loader or a scraper are essential for safe manure loading and offloading. At Tractor Transport, we have been diligently shipping such tractors and other manure spreaders over the years. If you have purchased your heavy equipment in preparation for manure management, we are the best hauling company to bring your valuable item home.


Irrigation describes an artificial process of watering land by applying controlled water amounts. The approach is essential in enhancing crops’ growth in dry areas or when rains are lesser than expected. Tractor Transport has been shipping irrigation equipment efficiently as we have the best trailers to get the job done. If you have bought your irrigation equipment, including the long and wide pivot irrigation system, you may be worried about safe hauling. Tractor Transport’s experience in hauling all irrigation equipment is unmatched. Reach out to us for unparalleled shipping of your equipment.


For tractor users, the higher the horsepower, the more tasks a tractor can do. Horsepower is a numerical calibration of your tractor’s power. If you are a farmer looking to purchase a tractor for your farm needs, it is important to go for one with a horsepower that adequately matches your needs.

Air Seeder

An air seeder is a piece of equipment that has made the planting process easier. The seeder is a planter that has a cultivator and a central fertilizer and/or seed delivery system. The equipment also has a ground opener that facilitates seed placement in the ground. Since air seeders are quite wide and heavy for flatbed trailer transport, at Tractor Transport, we use a step-deck or removable gooseneck trailers for safe transport.

Forage Harvesting

This is the process of harvesting forage such as grass and hay to produce livestock silage. The process is quite tasking and requires machineries such as a forage harvester, a mower, or a windrower. Whatever equipment you use, it is important for a farmer to use a reliable shipping company for the delivery of their equipment. At Tractor Transport, we have flatbed trailers for farmers who opt for a walk-behind forage harvester. We also have RGN trailers to meet shipping needs for farmers that purchase larger forage harvesters.