Factors to Consider When Choosing a Farm Equipment Shipping Company

Transporting a tank on a step deck trailer
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Moving valuable farm equipment to various destinations calls for expert help. That said, the heavy hauling company you choose to work with must be capable of getting the job done right the first time. Remember that even the slightest mistake can translate to significant losses. Therefore, you must go for a company with clean records and a reputable presence in the industry. Take time to learn about the company’s shipping procedures, the kind of trailers they operate, and their customer service availability. Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing the right hauling company for your farm equipment.

Insurance and Compliance

Make sure that your heavy hauling company of choice has the right insurance in place. After all, you are entrusting such a valuable asset under their care. Remember that anything can happen even during the shortest, simplest trips. Choosing an insured shipping company means that you are not liable in case of any unexpected accidental event. You want to ensure that your tractor, combine, or other farm equipment transport gets delivered on time and without damage. So, ensure that your company has an excellent safety accreditation and rating. There are several permits and documentation required when transporting various types of cargo. You, therefore, need a knowledgeable shipping team that complies with the local, state, and national safety standards.

Transporting a tank on a step deck trailer

Profile Feedback and Reputation

Always choose a company with a good reputation. Ask your friends and family for word-of-mouth recommendations based on their previous experiences. Be sure to visit the company’s website and check out the extensive feedback and reviews on the company’s past performances and service reviews from previous clients. The best shipping partner has an excellent reputation, proof of past projects, and can provide verifiable references when need be.

Delivery Times

You want to choose a heavy hauling company that guarantees fast and efficient delivery times, especially when working on strict schedules. You must communicate your expected pick-up and delivery time to the hauling team in advance. In addition, some companies might be handling numerous transfers, which might translate to longer shipping times. Therefore, you might want to go for a company that can offer quicker moves with fewer transfers.

Effective Communication and Customer Service

Poor communication is one of the factors that might destroy your relationship with the carrier. You do not want to be kept in the dark about your cargo shipping process. After all, transparency is one of the most important traits of a reliable heavy hauling company. The best shipping companies have invested in GPS real-time to keep their clients updated with the position and location of their loads during transit. Besides, the customer service team must be knowledgeable, friendly, and available round the clock. They must be willing to listen to their client’s needs and expectations and answer any questions asked.

Personalized Shipping Option

No two heavy equipment shipping jobs are alike. You must therefore work with a shipping partner who pays attention to your needs and preferences when selecting a shipping solution. Do not work with a company with confined and limited options. You have the right to choose where your load should be picked up, how fast it should be shipped, and where it should be delivered. Your company should be flexible enough to provide such custom solutions.

The Company's Ability to Ship the Load

You should go for established shipping companies capable of hauling all types of loads safely and timely to their desired locations. They should be well-equipped with a comprehensive selection of specialized equipment, including an assortment of trailers and trucks capable of accommodating all load sizes, weights, and configurations. The equipment must be state-of-the-art, regularly serviced, maintained, and repaired. Your shipping company must also have rigging and hoisting to facilitate safe and easy shipping processes.

Your heavy hauling team can make or break the entire shipping process. Before you reach out to any company, you must understand your shipping needs to make the decision making-making process easier for you. Cost, reliability, efficiency, capability, professionalism, and legality are factors you should consider when choosing the best shipping company for your farm equipment.