Shipping Farm Equipment to Canada

Shipping a Mack dump truck on a RGN trailer
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The heavy equipment transport industry is always evolving. Today, farm equipment can travel across the globe quickly and conveniently as the infrastructure, technologies, and systems develop. Consequently, farmers in Canada can purchase farm equipment and machinery anywhere in the world, anywhere in the United States of America, and have the farm equipment transported directly to them. Transporting farm equipment far and wide translates to more opportunities even for small-scale farmers.

What Do I need When Shipping Equipment To Canada

A Professional Heavy Hauling Company

Shipping heavy farm equipment to Canada can be overwhelming, especially during winter. That is why you need to hire the services of a reputable heavy hauling company. These logistics agents are knowledgeable about organizing the farm equipment transportation for utmost effectiveness. Having been in the industry for long, heavy equipment movers understand the rules, restrictions, and regulations of shipping farm equipment in Canada. You can even trust them to help you acquire the permits and work on the paperwork required for the international move.

Your load can be shipped, trucked, or transported to Canada via freight trains or a combination of all three modes of transport. This will depend on the load’s specific location and its ultimate destination. Partnering with a reputable farm equipment shipper guarantees a smooth, safe, affordable and timely shipping process.

Shipping a Mack dump truck on a RGN trailer

Custom Requirements Required When Shipping Agricultural Equipment to Canada

Since your farm equipment is moving across the border, there are several things you might require facilitating a smooth, legal and hassle-free international farm equipment shipping process. These include:

Bill of Lading

It is the most crucial document in transportation and is the key to unlocking your farm equipment logistics. It is a legal document that serves as a contract between the client, consignee, and shipper. A bill of lading indicates the details of the farm equipment being transported to Canada, its pickup, and delivery points.

Shipper’s Export Declaration

This document must accompany any international farm equipment from the United States. It is used to compile global trade statistics and US exports records. If several farm load shipments are sent out to different destinations, each cargo must be accompanied by a shippers’ export declaration.

Cargo Manifest or Control Document

A cargo control document (CCD) includes all details in your shipment, including shipping address, weight of the cargo, delivery address, shipping address, custom clearance locations, and brokers transaction number. One copy is used to verify the arrival of your international freight while it reports your cargo to CBSA.

Your farm equipment hauling company will help you handle the logistics of transporting your agricultural equipment to Canada. They will ensure that you fill out the documentation and acquire the proper permits to get your freight through customs with no incidents.

The Cost of Shipping Agricultural Equipment to Canada

The ultimate cost of shipping farm equipment to Canada might vary depending on various factors, including the equipment type, size, and the duration taken to move the cargo from display to delivery. For instance, while a tractor can move by its power during loading and offloading, a large combine cannot. This means that the combine might require additional loading equipment, such as cranes for loading and unloading, which might translate to higher costs. Another factor that might influence the cost of international shipping is the urgency of the goods, which also impacts your choice of transportation modes. Different types of farm equipment require different modes of transportation. Generally, water transport is among the most cost-efficient modes of international travel. It is suitable when shipping heavy and bulky cargo with no delivery urgency.

Each heavy farm equipment is different. You can get the ultimate time it will take to haul your farm equipment to Canada by talking to your shipping provider. There are numerous factors affecting the time taken to transport your freight, including the mode of transport used, the distance between pickup and delivery points, and the nature of the move.

So much goes into transporting farm equipment internationally to the Canadian boards. A successful shipping process calls for the expert help of experienced heavy equipment shipping companies. This hauling team has the knowledge, capability, and experience to cross borders and safely move your farm equipment to its ultimate destination safely and on budget. Besides, an international farm equipment hauling company will save you the trouble of filling out the paperwork and acquiring the necessary documents for international travel yourself.