Can I Transport a Tractor With Hotshot Trucking?

Transporting a John Deere 750 tractor
January 3, 2023 Natasha Post 0 Comments

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Since its introduction in the 70s, hot shot trucking has pushed its way to the top of the logistics industry. It has become a cost-effective and time-efficient option for shippers who would otherwise move their load via partial truckload (PTL) or less than truckload (LTL) alternatives. Hotshot trucking involves shipping smaller, time-sensitive freight using a medium-duty pickup and a hotshot trailer. Hotshot trailers come in different sizes. Today you will find hot shot trailers 30-40 Ft long, 3 Ft 4″ wide, and 3Ft 6″ tall in the market.

With some trailers boasting a maximum freight height capacity of 9Ft 6″ and 10 Ft tall, hot shot truck trailers can accommodate almost the same as a standard step-deck and flatbed trailers. A 40 Ft hot shot trailer can also ship any cargo weighing more than 16500 pounds. This makes these hotshot trucking great for shipping tractors and other farm equipment.

What is Hotshot Trucking?

Hotshot trucking involves moving time-sensitive cargo for clients operating under strict deadlines. Besides a medium-duty truck, hot shot drivers have also invested in numerous trailers of different configurations, always ready to hit the road when needed to transport light and medium-sized cargo. Besides tractors, hot shot trucking is also used to transport other farm equipment such as combines and backhoes. The hot truck drivers are experienced in shipping a wide range of freight across various destinations. However, it is crucial that you

john deere tractor loaded for transport

Types of Hotshot Trucks and Trailers Used in Heavy Hauling

Usually, hotshot trucks include class 3 to 6 medium-duty trucks weighing between 10001 and 26000 pounds (approximately 4500 to 11800Kgs). Some popular hot shot truck brands include Peterbilt medium-duty models, GMC, F-series, and Dodge RAM. The trucks can be combined with a wide range of trucks, including fifth-wheel trailers, flatbed, drop deck, lowboy, and removable gooseneck trailers. The right trailer for your load will depend on its weight and dimensions. Be sure to provide accurate load details to your driver for efficient early preparation and a smooth, successful hotshot shipping process. Generally, Class 3-5 pick up drivers can transport hotshot loads provided they meet the following requirements.


  • Have an active DOT ID number
  • Provided verifiable proof that they are the owners of the business
  • Comply with the mandatory hours of service (HOS) regulations
  • Have a valid CDL when operating a pickup truck and a loaded trailer weighing more than $26000gross vehicle weight rating
  • Well insured


Gooseneck Hotshot Trailers

They are popular types in the industry today. Gooseneck hotshots generally measure 40 M long and are loved for their incredibly rigid and stable gooseneck, making them perfect for shipping large cargo. These trailers are also the drivers’ favorites due to their ease of handling during tight turns and excellent rigidity through long stretches.

Bumper Pull Hot Shot Trailers

Here is the most common type of hot shot trailer on the highway today. Perhaps this is because they are shorter, come at a lower price, and are easier to operate. Generally, these trailers cannot transport any cargo exceeding 10000 pounds. Nevertheless, they are convenient and cost-efficient options for companies that regularly transport smaller loads.

Dovetail Hotshot Trailers

They are excellent choices when transporting self-propelled freight such as smaller tractors, bulldozers, and other construction equipment. If you are moving a smaller, lighter tractor, this might be your best shipping option.

When to Use Hotshot Trailers for Tractor Shipping

The most crucial aspect of hotshot trucking is time. Most people seeking the services of hotshot drivers operate on a strict deadline and need their loads moved from pick up to delivery within the shortest time possible. However, you should never compromise speed for safety, even when it appears more convenient.

You can transport your medium-sized tractor with hot shot trucking and get it delivered to your destination so that you can embark on your time-sensitive projects. You only need to find the perfect shipping partner for the job. Go for those drivers who have maintained a clean, reputable presence in the industry. You can then relax and focus on running the project as the experts deliver the cargo quickly and safely.