What Is the Cheapest Way to Ship Farm Equipment?

Manure Spreader loaded on a lowboy trailer for transport
November 29, 2022 Natasha Post 0 Comments

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If you are planning to ship farm equipment, you are probably wondering how much it will cost you. The cost of shipping is a crucial factor to consider when selecting a hauling company. Being able to haul your farm equipment, state to state or locally, at a low price comes with numerous benefits. One of the main advantages is that you will be able to lower your cost of production. To begin with, farm equipment is expensive. Additionally, many other things will cost you during production, and saving on the shipping costs is a big plus. If you resale farm equipment, going for a cheap shipping company will enable you to sell the equipment at a fair price, attracting more customers.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Farm Equipment Hauling

Shipping costs are not constant. Several factors increase or reduce the amount you are likely to spend on your  farm equipment transport.

The Type of Equipment You Want to Ship

Some farm equipment like tractors and mowers are cheaper to transport than bulkier equipment like combine harvesters, which often require disassembling before they can be shipped.

Total Hauling Distance

The overall cost of shipping over long distances is lower when you are hauling several farm equipment, but high when you are only shipping one piece of equipment compared to short-distance shipping.

Delivery Deadline

A time-sensitive shipment will require you to pay slightly more than one that does not have a strict deadline. We advise our clients to plan ahead so as to avoid a last-minute rush.

Manure Spreader loaded on a lowboy trailer for transport

Ship Your Farm Equipment Cheaply with Tractor Transport

With many years of heavy haul experience, Tractor Transport has the services, equipment, and expertise to haul your farm equipment cheaply. We are one of the most affordable farm equipment towing companies in the US. We will arrange your shipment, handle all the related logistics and any farm equipment hauling challenges that may arise without overcharging you. We do not charge any hidden costs that will lead you to spend more than you planned—partner with us and experience what sets us apart from the rest.

Quality Farm Equipment Shipping

In many cases, cheap is often associated with a compromise in quality. However, this is not true when it comes to Tractor Transport. Our farm equipment hauling services are affordable and not compromised at all. We have been shipping long enough, faced various challenges, overcame them, and even learned better ways to do the shipping process. We have streamlined our processes over the years and ensured our shipping costs are cheap for your good. We understand that shipping is only one of the things you need to do and strive to make it affordable.