When to Use an RGN Trailer to Ship Farm Equipment

Combine loaded for transport on a RGN trailer
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Removable gooseneck (RGN) trailers have been used in the heavy hauling industry since 1958, but only shipping professionals and avid shippers understand what they are and when to deploy them. If you plan to ship a tall, oversized load, an RGN is an ideal trailer for use.

When to Transport Farm Equipment Using an RGN Trailer

Generally, many states permit loads with a maximum height of 8.5 feet. However, farm equipment transport comes in a wide range of dimensions and sizes, and some pieces of machinery might exceed the legal height. That’s when you need an RGN trailer. The rig provides an easier and safer means of transporting excessively tall loads, such as tractors and harvesters.

The trailer features three distinct parts: the gooseneck that connects the trailer to the power cab, the drop deck, and the elevated rear platform that extends over the rear axles. The drop-deck design allows you to legally transport out-of-the-norm loads as they offer significant height clearance by holding the equipment lower to the ground.

Besides its drop-deck design, you can also adjust the bed to extend the length to haul a load with excessive length. It has tracks that allow the elevated rear deck to slide up to 61 feet backward, increasing the trailer’s length to about 74 feet. If you decide to use an extended RGN trailer, it would be best to add more axles to ensure proper weight distribution.

Combine loaded for transport on a RGN trailer

RGN vs. Lowboy Trailers: Understanding the Difference

Many people use RGN and lowboy interchangeably. That’s understandable because the two trailers look strikingly alike. The notable distinction between the two is that RGN trailers feature a removable gooseneck, but a lowboy doesn’t. With an RGN, you have an easy time loading self-powered equipment on the trailer.

Another significant factor you need to consider when choosing a lowboy and an RGN trailer is the weight capacity. A standard two-axle lowboy trailer can capably transport a maximum weight of 40,000 pounds, although the capacity might increase to up to 80,000 pounds with additional axles. Removable gooseneck trailers can handle super loads reaching up to 150,000 with 20 extra axles. The drop-deck measures 29 feet, making the rig a suitable alternative for transporting the largest farm machinery like farm combines.

Additionally, RGN trailers come with front ramps that make them more popular than lowboys. The ramp advantage means you can lower the trailer close to the ground and deploy the ramps to enable loading personnel to drive the equipment on the trailer. You can’t lower lowboys further. They also lack ramps, making hoisting and positioning loads challenging without auxiliary equipment, such as cranes.

Oversized Farm-Equipment Shipments that Require RGN Trailers

Pieces of farm machinery vary in size and dimensions. For instance, ATVs are relatively smaller and weigh significantly less than farming vehicles. Therefore, you’ll require different trailers to transport the equipment. Here are some of the pieces of agricultural equipment that need RGN hauling.

      • Combine Transport – Also known as harvesters or combine harvesters, this massive equipment can harvest produce more efficiently. They feature sophisticated gear, blades, belts, and wheel systems that pick the crop and turn them to grain. They do that through three primary processes: reaping, threshing, and winnowing. Some colossal combines weigh over 60,000 pounds, and you can only ship them safely using an RGN.
      • Tractor Transport – The primary function of a farm tractor is to pull agricultural equipment. There are several types of tractors. They include wheeled, track, and orchard tractors and can exceed the legal width and height. Hence, you’ll need to transport the load closer to the ground. RGNs provide a more convenient and safer trailer option.
      • Skidder Hauling – A skidder is a piece of equipment used in the lumbering and logging industry to cut and haul trees from the forest. Some massive skidders have three axles with extended accessories and attachments that make the over-dimensional. That’s when you need an RGN trailer to ship the load as per DOT requirements and regulations.