Spotlight Transport: Shipping a CAT 903 Wheel Loader!

Shipping two CAT 903 Wheel Loaders
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Tractor Transport is made up of a team of skilled specialists who go out of their way to transport heavy machinery and equipment successfully. Our services are available to clients looking to transport single and multiple heavy machinery. We recently processed a shipping request from El Reno, OK 73036, to Tucumcari, NM 88401. The operation took six hours to complete using the I-40 W. The 349-mile journey began as soon as the client had confirmed the request. Jacob, one of our shipping specialists, was handed the assignment.

Choosing The Right Trailer For The CAT 903 Wheel Loader

Jacob started by estimating the platform space that the CAT 903 wheel loaders would occupy. They would require a platform space of 50 feet. Jacob recommended a lowboy trailer to transport the wheel loader. The next step was to prepare them and make them transit-ready. Jacob delegated different responsibilities to his team. Each team was in charge of checking the heavy machinery for oil leakage, removing all loose items inside the cabins, checking the tire pressure, and recording defects and dents. Later, Jacob gave the go-ahead, and the two CAT 903 wheel loaders were loaded on the trailer.

The shipping industry is always changing to the tune of other factors in the industry. For instance, when transporting multiple heavy machinery, the trailer’s weight should not surpass the stated limit. When the CAT 903 wheel loaders arrived at a weigh station, the driver was asked to provide the relevant documents before proceeding. The driver provided the paperwork and insurance proof and continued with the journey.

Shipping two CAT 903 Wheel Loaders

Wheel Loader Delivery Done Right

The transportation of heavy machinery requires that we make proper plans. Behind our plans is a team of highly skilled specialists. With the resources we have accumulated in our years of successful operation, our specialists can load multiple heavy machinery easily. We take pride in the shipments we have made in the past. When the CAT 903 wheel loaders were at the clients’ drop off point, our affiliates in the region helped with the offloading. Jacob and the client went over the details of the operation before taking off. He ensured the client was satisfied with the operation.