Shipping a YT359 Tractor and Box Spreader to Texas

Yanmar YT359 Tractor and boxspreader loaded for transport
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We recently transported a YT359 Tractor and Box Spreader from San Angelo, TX 76905, to Willis Point, TX 75169. The intrastate shipment was assigned to Jimmy, a shipping specialist from Tractor Transport. The operation was scheduled to take seven hours; therefore, same-day delivery was in order.  Tractor Transport uses the skills of specialists such as Jimmy to make shipments across the country. Jimmy understood that the YT359 Tractor and Box Spreader was required at the clients’ premises as fast as possible. He began processing the request immediately.

Planning to Ship the Tractor and Box Spreader

The transportation of machinery such as the YT359 Tractor 3 Implements Box Spreader tractor requires detailed planning. Jimmy had all the resources prepared for the operation. With help from his team of specialists,  he loaded the tractor on a flatbed trailer and held it down with chains and tie straps. Once the shipment was transit-ready, the driver was called in and went over the logistics of the operation with Jimmy one last time. The operation was bound to be smooth owing to the short distance. When the driver took off, the client was informed. After six hours, the shipment was at the client’s premises.

Our affiliates in the region oversaw the offloading operation. We have handled numerous shipments across the country. The experience gained from these operations helps make transportation of tractors easier. Thanks to the operations, we have built a network of agents who help make vehicle shipments easier. takes pride in the successful shipments we have made over the years. Our services are offered to clients so they won’t have to stress over how the shipment will arrive at their preferred destination.

Yanmar YT359 Tractor loaded for transport

On Time YT359 Tractor and Box Spreader Delivery

The client was impressed by the speedy delivery of the YT359 Tractor 3 Implements Box Spreader tractor and commended Jimmy and his team. He pointed out how he had been looking for a reliable tractor transport services provider prior to finding our services. The operation was scheduled to take seven hours, but Jimmy and his team made it in six hours. We provide professional tractor shipping services, reach out to us.

Jimmy Tomasso

Tractor Transport Specialist

Jimmy Tomasso

Jimmy is a logistics agent who goes above and beyond. Over the years he’s mastered the art of transport and delivery, making him one of the most requested agents. A strong asset to the company, Jimmy always looks for the best transport solutions. Thanks to his dedication, Jimmy continues to rise through the ranks, and has earned more than one award for his service.