Shipping a 2018 John Deere Scraper and Cultivator to Michigan

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Tractor Transport offers quality John Deere equipment transport services to clients countrywide. The resources we have accumulated over the years makes it easier for our specialists to process vehicle shipments. William Thomas, our top-notch shipping specialist, was recently asked to transport a 2018 John Deere scraper and cultivator from Virginia Beach, VA 23452 to Reed City, MI 49677. The operation was scheduled to take 21 hours distributed over two days. The client was a farmer looking to have the machinery upgraded before planting season.

2018 John Deere Scraper and Cultivator Transport to Michigan

 At Tractor Transport, we are always looking for new ways to improve the clients’ shipping experience. That’s why we utilize trailers and carriers fitted with technological features. When transporting the 2018 John Deere scraper and cultivator, William Thomas requested a flatbed trailer. William Thomas has always come up with effective shipping methods that are efficient and reduce the cost of mobility. Transporting the 2018 John Deere Scraper and Cultivator was not different. With the help of specialists, the trailer was loaded and secured using chains to the trailer.

Shipping the 2018 John Deere Scraper and Cultivator  was a task especially suited for William Thomas. His innovative vehicle transportation techniques have seen numerous oversize equipment and loads shipped to their destinations successfully. William Thomas noted that transporting the 2018 John Deere Scraper and Cultivator would use up much of the platform space, he, therefore, assigned his team to detach the scraper from the vehicle and load it on the trailer separately. The vehicle and the detached scraper were tied down by tie straps and shipped to the client’s premises.

John Deere Scraper and Cultivator Delivery

The 2018 John Deere Scraper and Cultivator was shipped to the clients’ location before the stated deadline. The client commended William Thomas and his team for the fast delivery. At the drop-off point, our affiliates helped reattach the scraper and handed the tractor to the client. At Tractor Transport, we ensure the client is satisfied with the services offered before moving on to the next operation. The positive feedback left by our previous clients is proof that we have what it takes to make your tractor shipment.