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2012 Hagie 204 SP Cutter loaded for transport on a lowboy trailer
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Our services are offered to clients across the country indiscriminately. Our farming machinery transport operations are standardized for better accountability. Sam was recently tasked with the transportation of a 2012 Hagie 204 SP Cutter from Remington, IN 47977 to Houston, TX 77012. The operation was scheduled to take 20 hours distributed over three days. The machine was transported during harvest season, and the client requested it to be transported on a step deck trailer. This came after a detailed discussion on the suitable shipping method with our consultants.

Ship Your 2012 Hagie 204 SP Cutter with Sam

The loading operation was scheduled to take two hours. After that, the driver and the logistics coordinators would discuss the operation for a maximum of three hours, and the driver would commence the journey soon afterward. This left the driver with sixteen hours to drive the trailer to the drop off location. Tractor Transport was quick to provide all the required equipment during loading. The client was informed that the load had been dispatched once Sam gave the green light.

2012 Hagie 204 SP Cutter loaded for transport on a lowboy trailer

Fast and Convenient 2012 Hagie 204 SP Cutter Tranpsort Services

At Tractor Transport, we ensure the client has a say about how their equipment is handled. The 2012 Hagie 204 SP Cutter had delicate parts that required care during loading and transport. The driver was asked to make integrity checks along the way. The unique shape of the 2012 Hagie 204 SP Cutter made fastening it a challenge on the flatbed trailer. Nonetheless, Sam and his team used the rungs under the 2012 Hagie 204 SP Cutter to secure the chains.

Tractor Transport offers comprehensive heavy equipment shipping services. With specialists such as Sam on the job, each shipment is bound to arrive at its destination on time and securely. We have a team of agents working behind the scenes to ensure that we make each operation successful. Whether you are shipping a uniquely shaped machine such as the 2012 Hagie 204 SP Cutter or transporting a tractor, we have what it takes to make the operation successful.

Sam Duncan

Tractor Transport Specialist

Sam Duncan

Sam has been with NTS for years now, and he’s proof positive that a positive attitude can take people far.  He always comes to work ready to get the job done.  He’s never too busy to take a call,  return a call,  or ensure customer satisfaction.  Sam is the branch manager in West Palm,  and he’s dedicated to his team’s success.