Avant Compact Loader Shipping with Sam

Avant Compact Loader loaded for transport
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We handle numerous tractor shipments every year. The success of our operations is owed to our committed specialists who ensure our operations run smoothly. A notable achievement comes from the transportation of an Avant Compact loader. The operation was assigned to Sam, one of our trusted tractor and heavy equipment shipping specialists. The shipment was moved from North Liberty, IA 52317 to Hanover, NH 03755, in 24 hours. The client was a contractor returning the loader to the leaser.

Sam's Efficient Avant Compact Loader Shipping Services

 Our services have been offered to clients for quite some time now. In our years of serving the country with affordable and efficient heavy equipment shipping services, we have picked up on the best routes to use. When Sam was transporting the Avant Compact loader, he had several route options. After deliberation with his team, he settled on using the I-90 W. The route was selected due to its lack of traffic congestion. Sam was committed to shipping the Avant Compact loader before the decline. The loader was placed on a gooseneck trailer and dispatched soon afterward.

All our heavy machinery shipping operations have thus far been successful. We look out for our clients’ best interests by providing flexible shipping quotes. With expert guidance from our agents, clients can select services within their budget range. After every three hours, the driver took a break and made an integrity check to the loaded setup. The information was then relayed to the dispatch team.

Avant Compact Loader loaded for transport

Hauling the Avant Compact Loader Right

The transportation of heavy equipment comes naturally to our team of agents thanks to our years of vehicle shipping experience. When shipping the Avant Compact loader, the client was informed when the load was close to the drop off point. The client informed the leaser, who sent a representative to oversee the loading operation. Our affiliates in the region worked collaboratively with Sam to deliver the Avant Compact loader in one piece. Tractor Transport offers affordable and innovative loader shipping services.

Sam Duncan

Tractor Transport Specialist

Sam Duncan

Sam has been with NTS for years now,  and he’s proof positive attitude can take people far.  He always comes to work ready to get the job done.  He’s never too busy to take a call,  return a call,  or ensure customer satisfaction.  Sam is the branch manager in West Palm,  and he’s dedicated to his team’s success.