How to Transport Farm Equipment to Mexico

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May 2, 2023 Natasha Post 0 Comments

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Efficient transport of farm equipment, machinery, and commodities is vital to the success of the agriculture industry. Mexico is one of the priority markets for US farm equipment, contributing significantly to the agricultural transport industry. No matter where your farm equipment comes from in the US, it will cross the border when transporting it to Mexico.

So hiring a reputable company with experience transporting farm equipment across the border to Mexico is vital. Tractor Transport offers the best Mexico farm equipment transport solutions. While the farm equipment shipping company will handle the process, it will help to understand the basics of hauling heavy agricultural equipment.

Knowing Mexico Regulations for Farm Equipment Shipping

When transporting farm equipment to Mexico, you will end up crossing the border at points either in Texas, Arizona, California, or New Mexico. So it’s vital to know what state you’ll transport heavy haul machinery through. Fortunately, several North American gateways to cross the border into Mexico accommodate heavy farm equipment transport. These points are found in the following US cities with the corresponding Mexican cities:

  • New Mexico – Columbus to Puerto Palomas
  • Arizona – Douglas to Agua Prieta, AZ to Nogales, Yuma San Luis Rio Colorado
  • California – San Diego to Tijuana, CA to Tecate, Calexico to Mexicali
  • Texas – McAllen to Reynosa, Laredo to Nuevo Laredo, Eagle Pass to Piedras Negras, Presido to Ojinaga, El Paso to Ciudad Juarez
Shipping an Excavator

The Proper Permits for Mexico Equipment Shipping

Once you have determined the most appropriate point of entry for shipping farm equipment to Mexico, you should ensure you have the proper permits for exporting heavy equipment. Each state has its own oversize load rules and regulations. Besides these permits, you should also complete the necessary paperwork to ensure the smooth shipping of your heavy equipment to Mexico.

Customs clearance is one of the most challenging parts you will encounter. As such, you should work with an experienced Mexico farm equipment shipping company to handle all the paperwork. Tractor Transport has years of experience in shipping heavy farm equipment to Mexico. Our international logistics team of experts knows the ins and outs of customs and paperwork.

Some basic export documents involved include:

  • Import/export form
  • Bill of lading
  • Commercial invoice
  • NAFTA Certificate of Origin (if applicable)

Use the Right Equipment for Transporting Farm Equipment to Mexico

Farm equipment shipped could range from tractors, harvesters, cotton pickers, balers, sprayers, mowers, and farm trucks. Transporting these huge and cumbersome farm equipment requires certain vehicles to move them to their destinations. Some of the most common vehicles used for such operations include:

  • Flatbed trailer
  • RGN trailer
  • Step-Deck trailer
  • Double Drop Deck Trailer

Ship with a Reputable Mexico Farm Equipment Shipping Company

When shipping farm equipment to Mexico, you need to hire a company that will take quality care of your equipment. An experienced company will handle all the paperwork and permits and provide loading assistance when required. Tractor Transport will handle every step involved, so your machinery arrives in Mexico on time, whether you are shipping a tractor, combine, or any other farm equipment.

Tractor Transport’s drivers are insured and bonded to haul the heaviest equipment. We transport all farm equipment and offer other services to support our customers’ supply chain needs. Also, you should hire a company that understands basic agricultural knowledge to stay updated with the latest trends. Also, the company you are using to transport your farm equipment should be able to provide customized shipping solutions to Mexico that fit your needs. Besides providing transportation services, Tractors Transport offers load assistance and pilot cars for safe transportation.