How is Farm Equipment Transported to Hawaii?

Two balers and a riding mower transported on a step deck trailer.
April 25, 2023 Natasha Post 0 Comments

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Transporting farm equipment to Hawaii can be complicated without the right tools, expertise, and permits. However, working with a reputable heavy equipping hauling team guarantees safe and timely transportation of your farm equipment. Another benefit of using a heavy haul trucking service to transport agricultural equipment to Hawaii is to get your freight on time. In addition, shipping heavy machinery to Hawaii requires special attention to transport regulations and permits.

Despite having a series of islands, there are several highways heavy haul shipping companies may use to ship farm equipment to Hawaii. But how is farm equipment transported to Hawaii? This guide explains simple steps of transporting farm equipment to Hawaii.

The Proper Permits for Shipping Farm Equipment to Hawaii

When shipping heavy farm equipment to Hawaii, you must have the proper permits to avoid fines and unnecessary delays on the road. This also ensures you have the proper clearance for shipping on a cargo ship. Also, you should ensure all the necessary paperwork is filled out and have the essential permits for transporting heavy load equipment. When hiring a shipping company, look for an experienced company that will handle all the paperwork and permits for you. A reputable company like Tractor Transport will go beyond taking care of the permits to provide load assistance and pilot cars to ship your agricultural machinery when required safely.

Besides getting permits for shipping farm equipment to Hawaii, it is crucial to choose a company that is insured and certified to transport heavy equipment on the land and over the sea. You can ask for proof that it is licensed with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). This guarantees you that the business strictly follows operational and safety regulations.

Two balers and a riding mower transported on a step deck trailer.

Planning The Route For Your Farm Equipment Shipment to Hawaii

The size and weight of your shipment to Hawaii will determine the shipping vessel that can be used. Depending on the weight and dimensions of your farm equipment, you may need a step deck trailer, flatbed, lowboys, RGN trailer, and other types of heavy haulers for transporting via the sea or land.

Tractor Transport can provide the best hauling services regardless of your farm equipment. We ensure the type of trailer we use is suitable to carry your load to avoid damages and delays.

When transporting farm equipment to Hawaii, hiring a company specializing in shipping it to Hawaii is vital. Consider an experienced shipping company with the expertise and the right tools to handle your freight.

Tractor Transport is Your Go-To Hawaii Farm Equipment Shipping Company

Choose a company specializing in shipping heavy farm equipment for the best transport services. Consider a company with the necessary expertise and tools to handle your load. A reputable company will have insured and bonded staff with knowledge about interstate highways, two ports in Hawaii, and ocean transport.

Tractor Transport has experience in delivering heavy farm equipment to Hawaii. Our team of experienced drivers knows the correct route to follow, the terrain, and how it can affect your shipment. Before transporting your farm equipment to Hawaii, we consider the weight and dimensions of your load and get the necessary permits. We also ensure the trailer suits your load to avoid overloading or other unforeseeable issues.