Does My Farm Equipment Need To Be Insured To Transport?

Dump truck loaded with dumpster on a step deck trailer for transport
January 17, 2023 Natasha Post 0 Comments

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Even with all preparations, due diligence, and working with experienced professionals, it’s hard to predict everything that might happen to your farm machinery while on its way to the agreed-upon location. To eliminate chances of suffering from loss because of accidents while farm equipment is transported, it’s always important to have it covered by an insurance company.

If your farm equipment is lost, suffers severe damage from an accident, or is stolen while on the road to its destination, launching an insurance claim makes it possible to salvage the losses. The level of claim will depend on a particular policy. This is because different policies provide different levels of coverage to your farm equipment. For peace of mind, it’s always good to check the policy with your hauling company for details. The best policy for your farm equipment is one that provides full coverage.

Why Choose Tractor Transport to Ship Your Farm Equipment?

Tractor Transport is licensed, insured, and bonded. This means that we have not only met all legal requirements of hauling your farm equipment through all 50 states, but we have also insured our hauling vessels and client’s cargo in case of any eventuality while goods are in transit. While moving your farm equipment with a bonded, insured, and licensed company, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your valued investment is well protected and in the safe hands of experts.

While searching for a transport company, make sure your farm equipment is fully protected. Otherwise, trusting a hauling company that is not insured can cause quite a dent in your pocket. You also don’t want to go for a company that insures your farm equipment but on a limited basis. Take your time and do due diligence. Go for a hauling company that has the manpower, resources, good reputation, and most importantly, has comprehensive insurance for your farm equipment.

Dump truck loaded with dumpster on a step deck trailer for transport

Common Shipping Risks for Farm Equipment on Transit

  • Loss Due To Traffic Accidents
  • Loss Due To Fire
  • Loss Due To Theft
  • Loss Due To Delayed Shipping

Is Insuring Farm Equipment for Shipping A Legal Requirement?

It is not a legal requirement to insure farm equipment for the purpose of transportation. Having said that, whenever you haul your farm equipment, it’s subject to risk, and in the event of an accident, you might incur a partial or total loss, depending on the extent of the damage. To take away the headaches that come from such losses, it is always advisable to insure your farm equipment before loading it on a trailer for transport. This can be very important when it comes to safeguarding the continuity and future of your investments.

For this reason, you should only work with a reputable hauling company like Tractor Transport that is fully insured to ship your farm equipment to its required destination. At Tractor Transport, we value your investments. That’s why we will always go above and beyond to protect your farm equipment against any damage while being shipped from its pickup point to your doorstep, helping to protect our esteemed clients against the financial impact that comes from damage or loss of farm equipment.