What is an Oversize Load

John Deere 700 Crawler Dozer loaded for transport on a lowboy trailer
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What Is an Oversize Load?

An oversize load transport, also known as an overweight load, refers to a shipment whose weight or size is more than the set standard limit that a truck can legally transport. Generally, a load that’s not taller than 8.5 ft. and 8.5 ft. wider when loaded is considered as standard load on any particular route, highway or using any other means of transport. The legal measurements of an oversize load in one state or province will differ from those in another. Usually, the maximum height limit of a load ranges between 13.5 ft. and 14.5 ft., while the maximum width is 8.5 feet in most states, but the length varies greatly from states and states.

When transporting your oversize load with Tractor Transport, you need to understand the factors that may affect the transport process. For instance, before the shipping starts, we must get the necessary permits first, depending on the routes that we plan to use. Besides, some states do not allow oversize loads to be hauled during particular days or holidays. If a load is going to be trucked through such states, it may affect the time we need to deliver your cargo.

Signs and Flags for Oversize Load Shipping

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in the United States requires drivers to get signs and flags when towing oversize loads. For those using routes in the U.S., the banners should have reflective yellow background and black lettering. In Canada, the signage background should be white, with red transparent lettering.

The placement of warning flags during the transport of oversize loads will vary from one state to another. In most states, the flag should be in great condition, and in a red or orange color. A standard flag should measure 18 inch. 12 inch. square. Likewise, flags for oversize load shipping should be either fluorescent orange or red in Canada, and their dimensions should be 40 cm by 40 cm square.

John Deere 700 Crawler Dozer loaded for transport on a lowboy trailer

Escort Vehicles Required to Haul Oversize Loads

Some states have made it mandatory for shipping companies to provide escort vehicles when towing oversize loads. You only need one or two, but it all depends on type of cargo you are shipping through the interstate roads, and its size.

In other regions, at least one pilot car must be present when shipping an oversize load at night. When your oversize load is between 10 and 14 feet wide, you may need to have the escort vehicles, one riding in front and behind the trucking vehicle.

Why You Should Pick Tractor Transport to Haul your Oversize Load

There is no doubt that Tractor Transport is the company you should reach out to when you need to tow an oversize load. We have qualified shipping experts whose many years of experience and training allow us to deliver your cargo safely and on time.

Besides, we are known for providing quality oversize load transport services. We are also trustworthy and reliable, which has earned us a reputation as the leading heavy hauling company in the region. Let us know your deadline and the oversize load’s destination. Your satisfaction will always be Tractor Transport’s priority.

Common Types of Oversize Loads Tractor Transport Ships

Common type of oversize load that we ship across North America, Canada, and Mexico include;

      • Tractors
      • Loaders
      • Containers
      • Combines
      • Generators
      • Farm Trucks
      • Bulldozers
      • Air Seeders
      • Balers