Transport Safety Regulations for Shipping Farm Equipment

Transporting a crusher
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Safety is a top priority for any shipping company that is serious enough. Safety becomes even more of a focus when transporting farm equipment because they are big and complex to package; as such, their shipping process comes with several risks that must be mitigated. When shipping these machineries, the trucks usually move at a very slow speed. Unfortunately, some motorists are not familiar with these vehicles, and thus the potential for an accident is high. Consequently, it is always vital that shipping companies strictly follow safety guidelines to avoid accidents.

Consequences of Failing to Follow Safety Regulations When Hauling Farm Equipment

Authorities’ safety regulations are laid down not to punish transport companies but rather to protect them from avoidable misfortunes. Failure to follow transport safety regulations can be dangerous. It can cause serious damage to other vehicles and property and even damage the farm equipment itself. Tractor Transport is keen to avoid any unfortunate circumstances during the shipping of your farm equipment. We ensure that every load is adequately secured and that our drivers are well aware of any likely hazards on the road. If farm equipment are not well secured, they can roll, tip, rotate, or lead to any other dangerous occurrences that can cause damage and even be life-threatening. During transit, we ensure that the vehicle is guided correctly and that nothing is left to chance.

Transporting a crusher

Tractor Transport Is a Law Abiding Farm Equipment Hauling Company

Every state has its own regulations governing heavy hauling on its roads. Some of these laws are common, while others are state-specific. The safety regulations are meant to guide and advise shipping companies on everything in the process, such as loading, securing, and unloading cargo. It is always important that shipping companies abide by these regulations, or they will find themselves in trouble. Tractor Transport’s mission is to ship farm equipment without causing accidents or disruptions to other road users. When you entrust us to haul for you, we do everything possible to ensure your consignment arrives safely and on time.

Tractor Transport Prioritizes Safety When Hauling Your Farm Equipment

Our drivers have years of experience transporting farm equipment to various destinations within and without the nation. Not only are they careful while driving but also keen to follow the rules of the road. As a company, we are constantly training our drivers and reminding them not to relax on any safety regulations, even if they have been on the road for years. Below are some items from our checklist that we encourage our drivers to follow to prevent accidents;

  • Including all signage, markings, and light that are required by law for the type of vehicle.
  • Maintaining farm equipment lights, signals, steering, etc.,
  • Checking both directions before entering and leaving the road
  • Being on high alert of potentially hazardous road conditions
  • Maintaining appropriate speeds while on transit

Generally, a vehicle on transit needs to observe the following for maximum safety;  

      • Map the most linear shipping route in advance
      • Comply with farm equipment hauling legal requirements
      • Work with trained workers
      • Maintain their transport equipment
      • Access risks