Top Websites For Used Farm Equipment (And How to Transport!)

John Deere Combine prepared for transport
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When you are about to buy used farm equipment, you should focus not just on affordability but reliability of the used farm equipment as well. Purchasing used farm equipment is a cost-effective alternative to owning the machinery. Brand-new farm equipment can be very expensive, and going for a cheaper used one can save you some cash to bolster other agricultural activities. Luckily, used farm equipment has several financing options, which can be an opportunity for an even more cost-effective plans.

That said, used farm machinery does not necessarily mean low quality or defective equipment. As a matter of fact, well maintained used machinery can be as good as new with odometer readings being the only difference. The most important thing is to have the machinery thoroughly inspected by a professional before paying for it. What’s more, you can use the equipment for commercial purposes to save cash to upgrade to a new one. Besides, used farm equipment is suitable as back-up units or for operating less critical operations. When all is done, you need a reputable, experienced, and well-equipped transport expert to ship your farm equipment to your desired location. Tractor Transport is the leading shipping and trucking company that can trust to haul your machinery from anywhere to anywhere in North America, Canada, and America. Our dependability, reliability, and pocket-friendly shipping services as earned us a competitive edge in the transport industry for the last ten years.

" Used farm equipment is suitable as back-up units or for operating less critical operations. "

Factors to Consider When Buying Used Farm Equipment and How to Transport Them

  • Ensure The Farm Equipment Has All the Features You Need,
  • Research The Market Value for Similar Farm Equipment.
  • Look for Other Specs That May Increase the Resale Value of the Farm Equipment.
  • Look for Comparable Competitive Brands.
  • Check for The Use-Hour, Care and Maintenance, And The General Condition of the Farm Equipment.
  • Take The Available Attachments into Consideration.
  • Consider A Dealer with A Better Deal and with Excellent Customer Support.
  • Structural Problems Are a No Go Zone, But Minor Maintenance Problems Can Be Used as Bargaining Power for A Killer Deal.

Do not worry whether the dealer with the best offer is a thousand miles away, focus on getting a killer deal and let Tractor Transport worry about shipping your newly acquired machinery to your location. Out professional transport experts will make sure your farm equipment is safely loaded, hauled, and unloaded to your desired location in time, and in the same condition, we picked it.

John Deere Combine prepared for transport

Simple Steps for Buying Used Farm Equipment

The very first step is to determine what perfectly suits your farming needs and go for a notch higher. For instance, if you need a 100 horsepower machinery, go for a 110 horsepower machinery. After getting what you need, pay attention to wear in critical areas such as gears, frames, rust, belts, drawbacks, tires, etc. The next step is to pay close attention to the driver’s platform; this is the most used area that can give you a clear perspective about the condition of the machinery. Inspect the feet pedals, the gears, wheel, seat, and grab handles for wear and worn-out paint. The more this area is worn out, the more the machine has been frequently used. If you are okay with the condition of the driver’s platform, proceed to inspect all the push-buttons and the engine condition Once satisfied, call your insurance company for a policy and Tractor Transport to ship the equipment.

Top Used Farm Equipment Websites and How We Can Transport Them

  1. is an excellent resource for farm equipment, both used and new. Also, if you want to sell your piece of equipment, the platform allows you to create a listing through a seller portal, but the has to take a day or two to verify the listing.

  1. FastLine

Fastline boast of having an easy to use platform and quality customer care. It offers both new and used farm and agricultural equipment and their parts. Also, if you want to get rid of a piece of old farm equipment, you can sign up and place a classified. Fastline will market the equipment for you at a fee.

  1. TradeMachines.

TradeMachines is an international company you can use to buy or sell your agriculture, construction, and handling equipment as well as commercial vehicles and process engineering equipment. It offers over 130,000 pieces of equipment in the United States, over 6,300 in Canada, over 2,500 in Germany, 0ver 1,100 in the United Kingdom, and so many others across the world.

  1. is filled with to the brim with all used farm equipment, from tractors, potato Hiller, cultivators, balers, and so many others. This website offers used and new agricultural equipment along with classified listings segment and related trending news. You can buy any farm equipment you need from this site.

  1. Machinery Pete

Unlike other websites, Machinery Pete is well structured with 12 farm equipment categories. If you want to buy any farm equipment, all you need to do is click on the equipment’s respective category and search within that list. Machinery Pete surprisingly offers a great selection of all types of farm equipment options.

Other website includes:

  • Equipment Trader
  • MachineFinder
  • Mascus
  • SF SuccessfulFarming (
  • John Deere (


After buying any farm equipment from any site, call Tractor Transport at (877) 373-0109. After talking to our world-class customer representative and placing your order, our logistic team will do all the paperwork and acquire necessary permits for a smooth hauling and trucking.

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