Shipping John Deere 750

Transporting a John Deere 750 tractor
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Julian, one of our top tractor and heavy equipment transport specialists received a call from a farmer who needed his brand new John Deere 750 shipped from South Vienna, OH to West Branch, MI. He urgently needed it  which made him give us a short time frame. Julian immediately processed the shipment ensuring it was insured. He then decided that the best way to ship it was using a flatbed trailer. This would make the loading and unloading easy. He went ahead and contacted one of our drivers near the pick up point and told him to carefully load the tractor on the trailer and strap it tight to avoid any movements along the way.

Transporting a John Deere 750 with Julian

The shipment had to be made by the end of the day and it was already afternoon. Julian had to research the fastest way to get to the destination without being late. In this case, he advised the driver to connect through highways OH-82W, I-80 W and I-75 N.  The total distance would be 392 miles as opposed to the 430 miles if he used I-75N all along. After a 6 hour drive, our driver called Julian confirming he had made it at the drop off hours before the deadline. At Tractor Transport, we come up

Shipping a John Deere 750 Tractor

Professional John Deere Transport

At Tractor Transport, we offer reliable, quick and affordable shipping services. Our dedicated specialists work around the clock to ensure that every farm equipment you ship with us reaches its destination safely. All our drivers are professionals and highly trained to make deliveries safely. We only use the latest trailers to ship any tractors or farm equipment. This helps in meeting all the deadlines including those of long and heavy hauls. To use any of our services give us a call through (877) 373 0109.

Julian Foltz

Tractor Transport Specialist

Julian Foltz

As the Chief Information Officer at NTS, Julian is a man of many roles. His knowledge and resourcefulness is a strong factor in the expansion of the company. Leading the way technologically and digitally, Julian is always providing new resources and tools to keep NTS ahead of the curve. A few examples of tools Julian has created for NTS include our numerous progressive custom automation programs, interactive interfaces for customers and partners, our unique CRM/TMS, and our successful marketing tool collection named “NTS Connect”. Julian’s creative and innovative leadership also facilitates multiple opportunities for those around him. This includes allowing the current marketing and sales team to expand their skill set, while also fostering new jobs in the community. He leads by example, not only finding new ways to improve the company but by showing each team member how dedication and perseverance can lead to success.