Shipping a New Holland Powerstar 75

New Holland Powerstar 75 Tractor loaded for transport
November 16, 2020 Renan 0 Comments

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Natasha Post, Author consists of a team of highly skilled specialists who ensure all tractor shipping requests are processed on time and accurately. Our services are offered to clients looking to transport agricultural machinery, mining equipment, and farming equipment. Jay, one of our shipping specialists, was recently asked to transport a New Holland Powerstar 75 tractor from Fresno, CA 93725 to Ithaca, MI 48847. The operation was scheduled to take two days, Jay and his team began processing the request immediately.

Transporting a New Holland Powerstar 75 Tractor at your Convenience has been shipping tractors long enough to know what it takes to make shipments successful. Our specialists are equipped with the resources to make each shipment successful. By utilizing state of the art resources, we have come out on top as the go-to tractor transport services provider. When Jay was loading the New Holland Powerstar 75 on the flatbed trailer, the client called in and asked to change the trailer’s drop-off point. Jay and his team accommodated the change with ease due to their extensive knowledge of the routes in Ithaca, MI.

New Holland Powerstar 75 Tractor loaded for transport

Transporting the New Holland, Powerstar 75 tractor came naturally to our team of specialists, thanks to their previous shipping experiences. Our team of specialists is handpicked from the vehicle transportation industry to match our high standards. When transporting the New Holland Powerstar 75 tractor, we ensure the operation was customized to match our clients’ needs. Each part of the logistics was accounted for adequately. Heavy Machinery and Tractor Transportation Services

    • All our tractor shipments to Ithaca, MI have thus far been successful. The New Holland Powerstar 75 was no different. We ensure all our services are transparent and trustworthy by offering consistent shipping rates. For instance, when transporting a New Holland Powerstar 75, we provide free shipping quotes. Clients can select services that best suit their needs from our multiple quotes. Transporting your tractor is now easier and affordable thanks to our reliable services. We have a team of agents on standby to process your vehicle shipping needs, call us today for more information.

Jay Hays

Tractor Transport Specialist

Jay Hays

Jay has been with NTS for over five years now. He quickly rose through the ranks to become the Branch Manager of the West Palm Beach office. He specializes in moving all heavy equipment and oversize loads.