Shipping a John Deere 8320 R Tractor and a Shelbourne CVS16 Stripper Header with Tractor Transport

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We have agents on standby to help process any shipping requests. Our services are offered to clients countrywide indiscriminately. We recently received a request from a client looking to transport a John Deere 8320R tractor and a Shelbourne CVS16- stripper header from Monte Vista, CO 81144 to Medford, OR 97502. The request came after the client had acquired the tractors from a dealership and wanted them shipped to his farm. James, one of our heavy machinery shipping specialists, rose to the occasion and successfully shipped both of them.

Transporting John Deere and Shelbourne Equipment

James and his team received the request to transport a Shelbourne CVS16- stripper header and the John Deere 8320R tractor to the clients’ garage in two days.  Once the agent confirmed the request, James was informed and began processing the shipment the same evening. He made several calls and acquired all the resources. The heavy equipment and machinery were to be picked up at the dealership loaded and shipped. The next morning, with all the resources at hand and a team of specialists by his side, James and his team were at the pickup site. They had to use a rigid ramp to load them on the double-stepped deck trailer.

The operation commenced as soon as the loading process was successful. The driver was asked to make several stops at predetermined miles to check the safety of the shipment. In the transport industry, there are bound to be challenges. Since it had snowed the previous night, our driver was very careful on the road. James had asked him  to carry a tarp to cover the John Deere 8320R tractor and a Shelbourne CVS16- stripper header during transit.

Delivering the John Deere Tractor and Shelbourne Stripper Header

When the driver was close to the drop-off point, the client was informed and made arrangements for the offloading operation. Ample space would be needed for the process. Our affiliates in the region oversaw the operation. Tractor Transport handles heavy equipment and machinery shipping requests with maximum professionalism. We are a reputable heavy equipment and machinery shipping services provider. We strive to keep it that way by providing timely and secure services. We look forward to processing your shipping request.