Shipping a Bobcat 324 Mini Excavator and a Bobcat S175 Skid-Steer Loader with Tractor Transport

Bobcat 324 Mini Excavator and S175 Skid-Steer Loaders loaded for transport
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Tractor Transport is a trusted heavy machinery and oversized load transportation services provider in the country. We have specialized in the transportation of a wide range of tractors. We recently shipped a Bobcat 324 mini excavator and a Bobcat S175 skid-steer loader from Peninsula, OH 44263 to Cleveland, OH 44104. The request came from a dealership looking to expand their line-up. William Thomas was finishing up a job request and took on the task. Our agents relayed all the information provided by the client and William Thomas began processing the shipping request.

Preparing the Skid Steer and Mini Excavator for Transport

The different teams involved in the preparation of the heavy machinery must have efficient communication channels. Tractor Transport provided all the needed resources when the operation commenced. William Thomas delegated different responsibilities to each specialist. The operation was bound to be easy thanks to our previous operations transporting different heavy machinery. The heavy machinery was loaded on a step-decked trailer and the relevant documents handed to the driver. William Thomas went over the logistics of the operation with the driver before giving the green light.

The driver made the first stop after two hours on the road. He inspected the integrity of the tie straps and took a break. He fastened the straps as they easily become loose due to the movement. He then relayed the information to the dispatch team. When the shipment was close to the drop off point, he informed the client who made preparations to receive the heavy machinery.

Bobcat 324 Mini Excavator and S175 Skid-Steer Loaders loaded for transport

Efficient and Affordable Heavy Machinery Transportation with Tractor Transport

Tractor Transport provides affordable and accessible heavy machinery transportation services to all clients. When clients come to us looking to transport heavy machinery, we provide free shipping quotes. The quotes are accompanied by expert guidance on the best shipping practices. Our agents are always on standby to process your request. Specialists such as William Thomas work round the clock to deliver your shipments on time and securely. Reach out to us today through our toll free number (800) 908-6206.