Shipping a 1999 Ingersoll Rand Telehandler with Tractor Transport

Shipping a 1999 Ingersoll Rand Telehandler
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Tractor Transport was accorded the utmost respect by our client wishing to transport his 1999 Ingersoll Rand VR642B Telehandler from the city of Elk River, MN to Horace, ND 58047. Louis. Our experienced handler was the backbone of the process for his prowess.

A flatbed trailer was deemed efficient for the process and immediately after Louis had gathered his team of highly trained personnel and required documents the shipping began. 

Convenient Ingersoll Rand VR642B Telehandler Shipping Services by Tractor Transport

Tractor Transport policies seek not only to transport our client’s tractor but to also ensure a cordial relation spark between us. So being the case, utter transparency is maintained through the process making sure our clients can track their machine through the entire process.  Our risk evaluators moreover make certain to have the tractor under a reliable insurance cover and the document wielded by the lead expert. Louis made sure to adhere to these reassuring protocols.

Through the most secure and uncongested routes, our driver had an easy time making way to our clients’ compound in Horace, ND 58047. Similarly, the integrity checks were conducted on our clients 1999 Ingersoll Rand VR42B Telehandler seamlessly. This process also stretches to our trailer where Louis made certain the points the straps tied to our them were firm. 

Shipping a 1999 Ingersoll Rand Telehandler

Insured 1999 Ingersoll Rand Telehandler Shipping Services

Tractor Transport has thrived for a decade now in the tractor shipping business. Through this time our processes have gradually gained momentum and trust from our clients countrywide. This has been accredited to our unmatched understanding on heavy machinery, being resourced with highly technologized equipment and our indulgence with our clients. We are hence able to successfully carry out both long distance and short distance hauls according to our clients’ specifications. On arrival, Louis engaged in an eye-opening conversation with our client on the service rendered. Soon after our client confirmed a satisfactory service, Louis billed him. Call us today or make an order on a buttons’ click.

Louis Santana

Tractor Transport Specialist

Louis Santana

Louis enjoys working with clients and fulfilling their transport needs. One of his favorite things about transport is meeting the people behind the equipment. He strives to make long-lasting relationships with his clients, so they can always come back to him for transport.